2logical Announces Partnership with VCA Antech

2logical, one of the world’s top training and development companies, announced today that it has launched a comprehensive Leadership Development Program with VCA Antech.

VCA WOOF (NASDAQ) is the leading provider of pet health care services in North America with 600+ animal hospitals in 41 U.S. states and Canada.

As VCA rapidly expanded in Hawaii, Management recognized the need to grow the leadership talent of the Medical Directors, Veterinarians, Office Managers, and Technical Leaders in order to maintain high levels of patient care and customer satisfaction.

2logical implemented a 1-day leadership boot camp for all of the leadership roles in the Hawaii-based VCA offices. The training had several objectives:

  • Create a culture that is heavily rooted in responsibility and ownership in all levels of the organization
  • Foster increased adaptability across the entire organization
  • Perpetuate higher levels of coaching and mentoring in order to bring new employees up to speed quicker as well as increase the retention of existing employees

For more information about 2logical, contact David Naylor at 585-262-6931 or info@2logical.com.