2logical named on Training Industry’s “Companies to Watch List” of 2016

2logical is honored to be named on the 2016 Leadership Training Companies Watch List for the third consecutive year. TrainingIndustry.com releases this list to continually monitor the training marketplace for the best providers of leadership training services.


Selection to this year’s Leadership Training Companies Watch List was based on the following criteria:
• New and Innovative Service Offerings
• Unique Approach to Leadership Development Solutions
• Commitment to Thought Leadership
• Quality of Initial Clients



2logical’s unique approach to workforce development — blending Belief/Mindset training with existing Skill/Process training — makes it the only company of its kind. Built on more than two decades of practical experience and research, 2logical’s approach not only addresses fundamental skill gaps, but also (and more importantly), focuses on closing the underlying belief gaps that are the root cause of virtually all employee performance issues. We are committed to providing the cutting edge of training and development, and that’s why we are honored to once again be selected for this respected list.

You can view the 2016 Leadership Training Companies Watch List here.