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2Coach, 2Mentor: Developing a Deep Talent Pipeline

Perhaps the single most overlooked skillset of being a leader is coaching and mentoring. Somehow the ever-present fires, meetings and management tasks always see to take precedence over people development and building bench strength on a team.  It’s not that leaders feel that developing talent is unimportant.  Rather, it is the one skillset that is typically the most outside of their comfort zones, thus it constantly gets shuffled to the back burner. Unfortunately, this critical gap creates a multitude of organizational challenges. In fact, the vast majority of employee related issues have a coaching and mentoring component. Effective coaching and mentoring has been proven to:

  • Decrease employee turnover
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Increase the effectiveness and impact of the skill-based offered by the organization  
  • Increase employee adaptability and resilience
  • Increase speed to performance of new employees
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2logical’s 2Coach, 2Mentor course is a proven process that builds a leader’s confidence.

2logical’s 2coach, 2mentor course is a proven process that builds a leader’s confidence in their coaching abilities, increases awareness on why employees struggle and provides simple to use tools they can leverage to dramatically increase the impact of their interactions with their team. Built upon more than three decades of practical experience coupled with the latest insights on cognitive psychology, the 2coach, 2mentor process teaches leaders how to:

· Quickly assess performance barriers
· Prioritize developmental needs
· Increase employee Motivational Intelligence (MQ) and foster a growth mindset
· Create a simple customized approach for each employee
· Have impactful coaching/mentoring conversations
· Foster accountability for meaningful change
· And, create a team culture of continual improvement

This process has been successfully implemented by leaders at all levels of the organization and within virtually every industry vertical. If developing a better succession planning process, fostering the growth high potential employees, more rapidly bringing people up to speed or curbing excessive turnover in people you don’t want to lose – is a priority, the 2coach 2mentor course will help.

Thank you again for facilitating the training so effectively. The preparation you did really paid off and of course, your presentation style makes all the difference.  You kept us totally engaged for the entire day and a half. Everyone was truly moved both professionally and personally, and all said they feel better prepared to attain success this year and in the future. – Sean T., Senior Vice President

Over my 25+ years with a few Big 4 accounting firms and two large public companies, I would have to say that this was the most inspiring leadership training and forced me to consider how I spend my time as a leader with so many competing demands.  The mix of topics and discussions was spot on.  What really fit together well was how to motivate a team toward a vision. – Tim R., Senior Director

As I reflect on everything that was discussed, I feel a renewed sense of excitement for my career and for my potential; I’ve already started setting goals for both my personal and professional life.  It’s incredible how that can happen with just a couple days of training.
– Elise J., Account Manager

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