Unlocking the Optimal Sales Mindset with Ignite: The Sales Process

What makes a salesperson great? Is it comprehensive product knowledge, impeccable sales skills or the ability to build great relationships?  Perhaps, it is something even more fundamental that ultimately causes a person to gain understanding, develop skills and create relationships. 

In more than 30 years of building sales organizations and developing peak-performing salespeople, 2logical has discovered a proven methodology for unlocking the potential within existing salespeople and rapidly bringing new salespeople up to speed. This combination focuses on two critical fronts, mindset and skill set.

The five core characteristics of great salespeople

To unlock the optimal sales mindset, 2logical’s Ignite program prioritizes the development of motivational intelligence (MQ), recognizing its pivotal role in determining sales success. Great sales professionals exhibit five core characteristics fueled by their level of motivational intelligence:

Accountability Over Excuses
They refrain from making excuses, taking ownership of their actions and outcomes, fostering accountability, and driving proactive problem-solving.
Continuous Improvement
With an open-minded approach, they constantly seek opportunities for growth and refinement, embracing feedback and learning from both successes and setbacks.
Self-Motivation & Action
They exhibit high levels of self-motivation, driving themselves to take consistent action toward their goals with determination and enthusiasm.
Resilience in Adversity
Possessing resilience, they maintain a positive attitude even when faced with challenges or setbacks, demonstrating adaptability and tenacity in navigating obstacles.
Courage to Overcome
They possess the courage to confront and overcome fears, self-doubt, and comfort zones, pushing beyond limitations to achieve their full potential.

By cultivating these characteristics through the Ignite program, sales professionals not only enhance their motivational intelligence but also equip themselves with the mindset essential for navigating the dynamic landscape of sales with confidence, resilience, and unwavering determination.

The Influence of Motivational Intelligence on Individuals and Organizations

Discover the Power of Motivational Intelligence: Testimonials from Fortune 500 Leaders and Participants

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Important topics covered in this course

Identifying Decision-Makers and Influencers: Participants learn strategies to pinpoint key decision-makers and influencers within target organizations, ensuring they engage with those most likely to benefit from their offerings.
Prospecting and Networking Mastery: Through practical techniques and insightful guidance, individuals master the art of prospecting and networking, effectively initiating the sales process and securing valuable meetings on their calendar.
Building Trust and Credibility: The course emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships founded on trust and credibility, enabling sales professionals to forge genuine connections with prospects and clients.
Consultative Qualifying Skills : Participants develop a consultative approach to qualifying leads, uncovering their challenges, problems, and growth opportunities, thus enabling tailored solutions that truly address client needs.
Delivering Impactful Presentations: Techniques for delivering compelling presentations and articulating sales solutions with clarity and impact are imparted, equipping individuals to captivate audiences and drive engagement.
Closing and Beyond: The course equips participants with effective strategies for closing deals with confidence, while also laying the groundwork for nurturing long-term client relationships and identifying opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

This course provides individuals with the essential tools to cultivate a robust sales skill set, pivotal for achieving success in the competitive sales arena. Guided by the proven Ignite process developed by 2logical, participants embark on a journey to hone their abilities in crucial areas, fostering both personal and professional growth. Here's how this program empowers individuals:

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“Thank you again for facilitating the training so effectively. The preparation you did really paid off and of course, your presentation style makes all the difference.  You kept us totally engaged for the entire day and a half. Everyone was truly moved both professionally and personally, and all said they feel better prepared to attain success this year and in the future."

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