Selling with Motivational Intelligence

What makes a salesperson great? Is it comprehensive product knowledge, impeccable sales skills or the ability to build great relationships?  Perhaps, it is something even more fundamental that ultimately causes a person to gain the knowledge, develop the skills and build the relationships.

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In more than 30 years of building sales organizations and developing peak performing salespeople, 2logical has discovered a proven methodology for unlocking the potential within existing salespeople and rapidly bringing new salespeople up-to-speed. This combination focuses on two critical fronts, mindset and skillset.

Unlocking the optimal sales mindset – increasing motivational intelligence. Motivational intelligence (MQ) is the single biggest determinant of sales success, so 2logical’s Ignite program focuses on helping salespeople to develop this critical mindset.

Great salespeople possess five key characteristics that are driven by the level of their motivational intelligence (MQ):

  • They don’t make excuses
  • They are open-minded and always looking to improve
  • They are highly self-motivated and action-oriented
  • They a resilient and can maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity and challenges
  • They have the ability to overcome fears, self-doubts and comfort zones

Developing the Critical Sales Skillsets

With the correct mindset in place, salespeople are now ready to develop the critical skill sets that will drive their sales success. 2logical’s Selling with Motivational Intelligence focuses on the skills and best practices that are essential to any sales process:

Identifying decision makers and influencers who have the greatest need
Building trust, credibility and strong relationships
Closing deals and setting the groundwork for cross-selling and upselling opportunities
Prospecting and networking to open the sales process and get meetings in the calendar
Delivering impactful presentations and effectively communicating sales solutions
Consultatively qualifying to uncover challenges, problems and opportunities for growth

Course delivery details

All 2logical programs can be customized to fit your organization’s needs including content and delivery details. Please contact 2logical for more information.

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