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Sales Leadership:

Leading a sales team to success requires a unique set of skills. To build consistent performance across a sales team, a leader must be adept at guiding salespeople through the mine field of self-doubts that inhibit performance while simultaneously coaching the critical sales skills that drive closed deals. The vast majority of sales managers will struggle with one of, if not both, of these critical capabilities.

2logical’s Sales Leadership program is a proven process that helps both new and seasoned sales managers to better understand the highest payoff activities of their role and the best practices of how to bring out optimal sales performance in every team member.

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This process includes:

Through this process, sales managers learn simple-to-use tools, best practices and insights that will help them to adapt to the needs of each member of their team.

Recruiting Talent

Developing Talent

Engaging Talent

2logical and this training had a huge impact. I have already incorporated some ideas from this training into my sales presentation. I will continue to fine-tune and see what works! So far, I am getting a very positive response. I even had one manager say "no excuses...I like that!" I have them thinking! – Gillett B., Director of Sales & Marketing

It has now been 3 weeks since our training and the entire team is still charged up!! We learned so many new techniques and methods to incorporate into our professional and personal lives...lessons and advice that we have all taken to heart, and look for ways to use them everyday. – Joseph L., Director of Business Development & Sales

It was truly an amazing learning experience and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Numerous participants have said that they benefited both personally and professionally from the training. Everyone was impacted by your presentation and the passion in which you deliver the message around changing beliefs and mindset. – Lesley L., Director of Sales Training & Development

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