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Self-leadership: Train-the-trainer

Based upon Nobel Prize winning research and the most recent discoveries in cognitive science, the Self-Leadership course is an insightful conversation about what holds people back in life and the simple tools they can use to let go of negative thinking and limiting beliefs.  This process has been proven to increase a person’s Motivational Intelligence (MQ) and help them develop a growth mindset.  It is a process that has been named as one of the top ten scientific discoveries of the 20th century.

The Self-Leadership course imparts these performance enhancers:

  • Increased ownership and personal responsibility
  • Open-mindedness and desire to learn, grow and adapt
  • Increased resilience and ability to overcome adversities
  • Higher levels of initiative and engagement
  • The ability to overcome fears, self-doubts and limiting comfort zones

Ways this course can be customized and leveraged within your company:

  • Seamlessly integrate into virtually any employee development process to increase buy-in and adoption of skill-based training programsponsibility
  • Overcome the fixed mindsets that hold back organizational change and the adoption of new ideas and strategies
  • As a basis for an employee onboarding process that will help new employees better understand the organizational culture and increase their speed to productivity
  • As a program to help advance High Potential employees in their internal career pursuits
  • As a first step program for employees looking to move into a supervisor or management role

2logical’s train-the-trainer certification process for the Self-Leadership course is a cost-effective way that organizations can leverage their internal resources to implement the program. 

Through the certification process, 2logical’s Master Trainers will work with your team to:

Customize the content and materials specifically for your organizations unique needs

Assure knowledge transfer and a high level of expertise in delivering the course

Coach and mentor your trainers to become even more powerful communicators

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