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2coach, 2mentor: Train-the-trainer

Perhaps the single most overlooked skillset of being a leader is coaching and mentoring.  Somehow the ever-present fires, meetings and management tasks always see to take precedence over people development and building bench strength on a team.  It’s not that leaders feel that developing talent is unimportant.  Rather, it is the one skillset that is typically the most outside of their comfort zones, thus it constantly gets shuffled to the back burner.

2logical’s 2coach, 2mentor course is a proven process that builds a leader’s confidence in their coaching abilities, increases awareness on why employees struggle and provides simple to use tools they can leverage to dramatically increase the impact of their interactions with their team.  

Built upon more than three decades of practical experience coupled with the latest insights on cognitive psychology, the 2coach, 2mentor process teaches leaders how to:

2logical’s train-the-trainer certification process for the 2coach,2mentor course is a cost-effective way that organizations can leverage their internal resources to implement the program.

Through the certification process, 2logical’s Master Trainers will work with your team to:

Customize the content and materials specifically for your organizations unique needs

Assure knowledge transfer and a high level of expertise in delivering the course

Coach and mentor your trainers to become even more powerful communicators

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