What is it that makes someone great? Is it some innate ability? Some unique skill set that they were gifted with? Is greatness something that is bestowed upon some but not others? Is the ability to be great at something, at anything, woven into the DNA of a select few?

When we look at those people who have achieved greatness, we see the relative ease at which they are able to execute upon a given skill. Listen to Warren Buffett dole out investment advice. Watch a video of Eric Clapton as he rips through a blues guitar lick or Michael Jordan dunking a basketball. The gap is so big between what these people are capable of and what we can do, it is easy to convince ourselves that they must have some innate ability, some naturally granted level of talent that we simply don’t possess. That’s why they are able to excel, why they can be great and we can’t – right?  Wrong! 

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