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The first ever training and consulting company that uses Motivational Intelligence™

For over three decades, Fortune 500 companies in 52 countries have entrusted 2logical with their most valuable asset – their people.  With industry-leading buy-in and unprecedented results, 2logical has been retained by the world’s best, brightest and most learned companies for one simple reason – we have perfected the process of making training work.

It’s what people intuitively know, but can never put into words, which is why 2logical has been retained time and again by the world’s best and brightest companies.  2logical has mastered the art and science of developing both the optimal mindset + the critical skillsets that electrify individuals and organizations to achieve what they never imagined to be possible.

2logical offers the first ever leadership, sales, service and individual contributor training with Motivational Intelligence™.  Our processes can be used in a standalone fashion or seamlessly integrated into existing curriculums and skill-based programs to boost the ROI of any training initiative.

What is Motivational Intelligence™

Motivational Intelligence™ is a new set of skills that dramatically improves mental health, wellness and performance. For organizations, this means there is a set of skills they may not yet be training that will increase employee performance, engagement, agility and retention

Since this skillset develops a deeper understanding of motivation and how to leverage it, people and work teams who are trained in this discipline have more Accountability, Adaptability, Resilience, Initiative and Courage.


What is the difference between Emotional Intelligence and Motivational Intelligence™?

Emotional Intelligence has been on the development radar screen for many years and rightly so, especially when there are many generations in the workforce, there are so many more communication tools and change seems to be happening faster and faster.  The essence of Emotional Intelligence is how we become aware, understand and interact with others at an emotional level.

Motivational Intelligence™ is how we understand, interact and engage ourselves.  Knowing/understanding ourselves and our true potential helps us understand and engage others.  Just like leadership, before we can lead others we must be able to lead ourselves.  Motivational Intelligence™ is not only the key to execution, but also the accelerant to higher levels of Emotional Intelligence. It has been statistically linked to significantly higher levels of job performance, productivity and job satisfaction and utilized at companies like Pfizer, Bank of America and P&G.

What issues does Motivational Intelligence™ address?

  • Transforming Managers into People Leaders
  • Communication Breakdowns
  • Lack of Ownership / buy-in
  • Too many excuses
  • Performance Issues
  • Resistance to Change
  • Low Engagement
  • Time Management
  • Too Reactionary
  • Developing Employees
  • Employee Retention
  • Functional / Team Silos
  • Lack of Collaboration
  • Aligning Around a Vision
  • and much more

How do you change someone’s beliefs in the classroom?

We create cognitive dissonance, which is a fancy psychological name, that states – the human mind cannot hold two competing beliefs at the same time – one must dominate.  The main cause of the execution gap lies at the mindset/belief level.  So, flawed or limited beliefs have to be invalidated at the same time the optimal beliefs are introduced.  We then repetitively reinforce the new beliefs through their own life reflections, social proof, professional, personal, peer and contemporary media examples.  We then align the new beliefs to the class participant’s self-interest.

What is this based on?

Motivational Intelligence™ is what 2logical calls the compilation of a broad range of scientific findings from around the world over the last 25 or 30 years.  Using research from experts in the field of Human Behavior, the human mind, Psychology and Business, like:  Drs. K. Anders Ericsson, David McClelland, Carol Dweck, Nathanial Brandon, Michael J. Howe, Jane W. Davidson and John H. Sluboda to name a few, combined with our own research and 3 decades of working with clients around the work and across industry.

We already do that. Why do I need 2logical?

Many of our current customers thought they had already tried what we propose.  Pfizer, P&G GE and HSBC come to mind.  These are some of the best trained companies in the world, and after looking closely at their curricula, it was good training however, we helped them to see that there was a missing piece.  Their activity/process training was fine – they just didn’t get much adoption (and thus execution) of it.  Upon adding in the Motivational Intelligence piece beforehand, then reinforcing their own skill training with a focus on two levels – adoption went through the roof.

We don’t compete with internal Training Departments of our clients, we partner with them to better leverage their existing training.

How you do sustain the learning process?

When we partner with a new client we complete extensive, industry-best due diligence to crystallize the core corporate objectives and isolate the development gaps that must be closed during the training.

Training is not a singular event, it is a continual journey.  We build an ongoing custom Roadmap for our clients using development tools like Webinars, Momentum Meetings, Online Courses, Builder Meetings, etc.

How do you measure this?

Our clients decide which metrics they want to improve; from revenue or margin to voice of the employee or client scores.  Then we customize the program to close the belief gaps and skill gaps that impede execution of those metrics.

What does this look like in the classroom?

A lot of eye-opening, thought provoking, reflective edutainment.  Due diligence will arm us with the goals and challenges of the participants, so they think the class is built for them. This creates immediate and effective buy-in.  All of our classes are highly interactive with group break outs, self-reflections, quotes, stories, plans of actions and more.


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