The Five Habits That Destroy Careers

There are 5 main habits that can negatively impact both our careers and our lives. We sometimes don’t realize just how negative these things are until we are going through a tough time and have to take a look at the things that have gotten us to said tough spot. We also don’t realize the full impact of habits- studies show that they actually make up anywhere from 40 to 90 percent of the outcomes in our lives. Humans tend to attack the outcomes and not the habits that lead to them when trying to solve problems. It is so important when evaluating our lives and careers to not go into default/autopilot mode, and instead, challenge ourselves to really break down why we have adapted to certain habits and whether or not we should change them. The 5 main habits that destroy our careers (and in turn, our lives) are:

  • Victim mentality: always blaming others for problems that are occurring, never taking any personal accountability
  • Resistance to change: believing that change is a bad thing, and fighting against it even when it could dramatically improve your career/life
  • Holding back: not taking chances, always playing it safe. Very similar to resistance to change.
  • Fear: being too scared about what could go wrong, not thinking about the positive side of things.
  • Negative thinking: usually goes hand in hand with fear, always thinking about what could go wrong, likely not keeping an open mind and always assuming that something bad is going to happen.

If we can recognize these as bad habits, we can then change them and replace them with healthier, more productive ones. Just because something is a habit doesn’t mean it can’t be changed. Our habits in today’s modern world are psychologically driven, versus survival driven, like our ancestors. This is discussed in the book “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. For more information in this topic and other ways to succeed in life and business, check out The Motivation Intelligence Podcast on apple ITunes, and check out 2logical on Facebook. Instagram, and Linkedin.

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Show Notes: The Five Habits That Destroy Careers


0:48- Intro into habits

15:34- Once habits are set in place, they become automatic…

16:35- Sometimes habits can lead us to tough spots in our lives without us even realizing it

17:19- Ask yourself, what are the habits that are going to help me reach my goal?

19:47- Career limiting habits are also life limiting habits

21:07- Habit #1- victim mentality

24:42- It is easier for people to put responsibility on other people, rather than themselves

28:34-The victim mentality is not a stable foundation

30:42- Habit #2 resistance to change

35:44- #3 Habit of negative thinking, playing devil’s advocate

44:21- Habit #4 fear

46:20- Habit #5- negative thinking