All The Time You Need

As humans, we are always chasing time. It never feels like there is enough, or sometimes it’s the complete extreme and we don’t know how to be productive with all of the time we have. In this episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, John Casey discusses how to make time worth your while. He starts by debunking a few common myths about time, such as the belief that successful people are only successful because they have more time. However, successful people are only successful because they make good use of the time they have; they don’t have any more than anyone else!

Another thing that John discusses is making to-do lists. While this may be a very common way to manage time, what most people don’t realize is that you not only need to make a to do list, you need to prioritize it! Start with the things you know you need to get done and push off the things that can wait.  John also discusses goal setting, and how you need to not only set goals, but also come up with actionable steps you can take to reach those goals. The important thing to remember about time is that its all about what we make of it!

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Show Notes: All The Time You Need

0:27- The concept of time

3:18- Unsuccessful and successful people all have the same amount of time..

3:47- Successful people DONT get everything done!

4:37- Have goals!

7:18- Break down your goals into action- plan strategies

9:07- High payoff activities

10:55- What makes up your day?

11:04- How to make a proper to- do list

14:38- Stay organized with the details

15:07- Contacts

16:17- When you should plan out your day

17:30- Prioritize

19:36-What can make us a master prioritizers?

23:01- Conclusion and bonus items