Each program is completely customizable to your organizational needs and delivery requirements.

  • Leading with Motivational Intelligence™
    In order to become a great leader, we must first understand the difference between leadership and management.  Where a great manager focuses on coaching employees on the skills, processes and tactics they must use to be successful, a great leader mentors their employees to believe in themselves, believe in their coworkers and believe in the vision they’ve set out to achieve together.  In short, the best leaders have high Motivational Intelligence™ (whether they know it yet or not).

    Key Words: Leadership Fundamentals, Train the Trainer

  • Executive Leadership with Motivational Intelligence™

    Simply put, managers show, tell and direct people regarding what needs to be done daily and how to do it; this level is important to success. However, leaders help people believe they are capable and worthy of doing the things they need to do to each day; an ability that is crucial to any Executive’s success. This program is delivered as an engaging, insightful and structured roundtable discussion versus the traditional lecture approach. Each topic covered is anchored in real life examples/illustrations—no abstract models or theories—and case studies that executives can apply directly to their world to drive results. This proprietary instructional design makes Executive Leadership with Motivational Intelligence™ an enlightening and profound experience for all those fortunate enough to attend.

    Key Words: Executive Education, Leadership Fundamentals

  • Leading Sales Teams with Motivational Intelligence™

    There is no disputing the importance of motivation in sales, and perhaps of even greater importance, in Sales Leadership. Using Motivational Intelligence™, 2logical’s powerful Sales Leadership and Management development process has become the Sales Leadership development backbone for scores of Fortune 500 companies across industry. It is a proven system that has revolutionized the way corporations develop their Sales leadership talent, implement a coaching and mentoring process and ultimately develop their most valuable asset – their people. This development process consistently yields unparalleled Behavioral Change, Skill-Gap Closure, and most importantly, Sustainable Results.

    Key Words: Leadership Fundamentals, Customer Relationship Management

  • Leading Channel Partners with Motivational Intelligence™

    How do you partner better with your channel partners? How do you help them to grow their businesses? How do you create such a powerful differential advantage that they feel compelled to sell through your products? 2logical’s Art of Channel Leadership is a powerful, proven resource that has been strategically designed to help participants develop the specialized knowledge, key insights and consulting expertise required to become a trusted advisor to their channel partners. Based upon more than two decades worth of experience in helping organizations around the globe to successfully differentiate themselves in today’s highly competitive market place, 2logical’s Leading Channel Partners with Motivational Intelligence™ imparts a powerful set of tools that allows participants to advise, consult, and lead partnering relationships at an entirely different level.

    Key Words: Leadership Fundamentals, Customer Training

  • Leading Millennials with Motivational Intelligence™

    The face of the workforce doesn’t look like it used to.  Millennials are now the biggest generation of workers.  That means that, at your company, in all likelihood, there are more millennials than any other generation.  How do we reach them? We first must understand what they believe. Using Motivational Intelligence™, we can craft bridges between what employees want at work, and the experience the company delivers.  So never again will you have to look at those awful engagement numbers.

    Key Words: Leadership Fundamentals, Organizational Development

  • Managing Change with Motivational Intelligence™

    Now, change happens everyday.  Some small changes, like new processes or software systems to use.  Others are big changes, like new strategies that are being implemented or new businesses that are being focused on (or let go of).  With all this change, the question remains – how will people deal with it? Will they resist or embrace? Will they reject or champion? By far, the greatest predictor and insurance plan for these questions lies in their Motivational Intelligence™.

    Key Words: Change Management, Leadership Fundamentals

  • Implementing Strategy with Motivational Intelligence™

    Picture this: a company devises a brilliant new strategy that will save their business or take it to the next level.  A new go-to-market, a new product line, a new business entirely. It’s thorough, it’s unique, it’s a promising vision of the future.  Roll out time comes, and with it, the excuses.  Why it won’t work, why their team isn’t capable, why we should just do what we’ve always done.  And then, the plan sits on a shelf.  Sound familiar? The greatest challenge with a new strategy is not in devising the plan – it’s in getting the team to execute it. To buy-in. To believe.  Whatever the new strategy, 2logical uses Motivational Intelligence™ to get employees to buy-in, implement and execute the new plan.  So all of those dreams sitting on the shelf? Dust them off. Let’s go to work.

    Key Words: Strategic Management, Change Management, Business Innovation

  • Performance Management with Motivational Intelligence™

    Great people leadership starts by having a meaningful performance review process that recognizes and rewards the correct employee efforts, establishes proper expectations, defines clear goals and objectives, outlines opportunities for growth and development, creates accountability for future success. Without this framework in place, employee development frequently becomes an activity that gets pushed to the back burner and lost in the reactive fire-fighting and problem-solving process that consumes many managers daily activities. Given its importance, it is ironic how often managers will look at the performance review process as nothing more than a distraction, a necessary evil that they must trudge through for HR purposes.  As such, it is not uncommon for organizations to see managers devote little time, energy and forethought to the process of doing employee performance reviews.  But with Performance Management with Motivational Intelligence™, that’s all about to change.

    Key Words: Performance Management, Leadership Fundamentals, Continuous Improvement

  • Coaching & Mentoring with Motivational Intelligence™

    Coaching & Mentoring with Motivational Intelligence™ is the second level of development to 2logical’s world class and renowned Leading & Managing with Motivational Intelligence™ program. Coaching & Mentoring with Motivational Intelligence™ is focused on transforming leaders into the caliber of coaches and mentors capable of building and leading high performance teams. Coaching & Mentoring with Motivational Intelligence™ is strategically designed to teach leaders how to identify “skill gaps” and close the underlying “belief gaps” that ultimately are the root cause of all performance issues. The course offers powerful insights into human psychology and what enables some people to become peak performers while others become mired in mediocrity. Most importantly, the course equips leaders with proven tools and techniques to coach and mentor new employees, middle of the pack performers and high potential individuals. Coaching & Mentoring with Motivational Intelligence™ is the next step to helping your leaders become the most powerful and capable leadership/management team in your industry.

    Key Words: Coaching, Leadership Fundamentals

  • Recruiting with Motivational Intelligence™

    In today’s job market, effective recruiting can be the make or break of an organization.  The question isn’t just, “how can we attract more applicants?” (although that’s part of it), it’s “how do we tell who will be successful in this role?”.  Have you ever noticed that some people with great resumes never seem to live up to their potential? And others, who most people had very low expectations for, rise to the top? The truth is, the screening process isn’t broken – it’s just incomplete.  2logical trains hiring managers to recruit and screen people on their skills and experience, but on the most accurate predictor of their ultimate success or failure: their Motivational Intelligence™.

    Key Words: Staffing and Recruiting, Team Building, Organizational Development

  • Selling with Motivational Intelligence™

    At its best, sales today is about understanding the psychology of the buyer. But sales tomorrow is about understanding the psychology of the seller. How can we sell a product, a service or an idea that we don’t believe we’re capable of selling? We all intuitively know that the best sales teams are motivated and confident. What remains a mystery to many is that those behavioral traits can be learned.

    Original Book: Swagger – Traits, Techniques and True Stories from the Movement That’s Changing Sales

    Key Words: Customer Relationship Management, Negotiation, Prospecting

  • Serving Customers with Motivational Intelligence™
    There are two great challenges in running a customer service team: retention of employees, and adoption of new techniques. How can an individual truly serve their customers, and endure the constant negative feedback they’ll inevitably receive from the marketplace, if they don’t believe they’re really helping people?

    Key Words: Customer Service, Customer Relationship Management

  • Motivational Intelligence™ for High Potentials

    The job market has changed.  With the emergence of the gig economy and remote work, people have more job opportunities than they’ve ever had before.  For organizations, this means that they are at constant risk of losing their most promising young talent.  Their “Hi-Po’s” are both their most valuable and most vulnerable employees.  Using Motivational Intelligence™, 2logical delivers targeted training to those employees that’s designed to both influence them to stay with the company longer, and prepare them to become the future leaders of the organization.

    Key Words: Business Continuity, Leadership Fundamentals

  • Motivational Intelligence™ for New Hires

    When it comes to New Hires, Speed to Productivity is the metric that matters.  How long does it take them to get up and running?  How long does it take them to gel with their team?  How long does it take them to begin executing (at a high level) in their role?  The longer it takes, the more money it costs the organization. 2logical uses Motivational Intelligence™ to get new employees comfortable and up to speed at their new company in weeks instead of months, saving countless thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

    Key Words: Organizational Development, Staffing & Recruiting

  • Motivational Intelligence™ for Individual Contributors
    It happens to the best of teams.  Everything seems to be going fine, and then – a lull.  The energy isn’t there anymore.  The numbers start to drag.  And you need to get everyone back on track to accomplish what you set out to. Using Motivational Intelligence™, 2logical can deliver targeted programs that reinvigorate and ignite your teams so they are ready for action – and those numbers do what you need them to do (go up and to the right).
    Key Words: Organizational Development, Time Management
  • Merging Cultures with Motivational Intelligence™

    When two companies merge, it’s often to achieve a greater vision together than they could alone.  In this merging, we focus on integrating processes and workflows and systems so that they all fit seamlessly together.  But the greatest challenge of all is, once the systems are integrated – how do we integrate the people? Using Motivational Intelligence™, 2logical constructs custom solutions that help these companies integrate their people faster and better than ever before.

    Key Words:  Leadership Fundamentals, Team Building

  • Transforming Culture with Motivational Intelligence™

    Have you ever worked somewhere that just seemed to suck the life out of you? The people didn’t want to be there.  The politics was mind numbing.  The tension, palpable. Day in, day out.  If they hadn’t already started, leaders knew that people were going to start to leave in droves.  Not to mention all of the lost performance wasted.  All the potential left untapped.  But what is a culture, really? If you think about it, it’s really just a set of common values and beliefs.  It determines what’s acceptable behavior and what’s not.  What should be celebrated and what should be punished.  The best part? By using Motivational Intelligence™, you can actually install and upgrade the beliefs you want to have in an organization – like a computer program.  How crazy is that?

    Key Words: Organizational Development, Comprehensive Leadership

  • Diversity & Inclusion with Motivational Intelligence™

    In today’s work environment, building a culture of diversity and inclusion can be not only a necessity, but a competitive advantage.  Diverse cultures bring a wide variety of ideas and perspectives together; and inclusive cultures make sure that everyone’s voices are heard and respected.  In the end, they lead to better ideas and healthier culture.  The challenge for leaders looking to improve diversity and inclusion is in changing the current culture – what their group of people current believe.  In Diversity & Inclusion with Motivational Intelligence™, participants will undergo a transformative experience in which they change the way they think about themselves and the people they work with.

    Key Words: Diversity, Organizational Development

  • Communicating with Motivational Intelligence™

    Speak to a peak performing professional in any industry, and you will consistently find one common denominator that contributed to their success – their ability to effectively communicate. The importance of relating to a client or employee and building trust, the ability to ask the right questions to discover their needs and goals, and the ability to effectively and accurately deliver a solution to meet and exceed their goals are all communication components that immediately come to mind. However, there is another level of communication that goes beyond just the interaction between the two people; it is the form of communication that exists within the person’s own mind.  Communicating with Motivational Intelligence™ develops the ability of participants to communicate on the second, hidden level.

    Key Words: Communication Skills, Leadership Fundamentals

  • Time Management with Motivational Intelligence™
    In world of constant and seemingly never ending distraction, time management is more important than ever.  The sheer volume of emails, texts, tweets, messages and calls makes a day in the life for most employees feel overwhelming.  With all of this distraction, how can we reclaim our time? In Time Management with Motivational Intelligence™, participants learn how to find the signal in the noise, and spend their time only on high priority, high payoff activities.  At the same time, they’ll develop an acute ability to stay focused and motivated so that all day, every day, progress is being made.

    Key Words: Time Management, Continuous Improvement, Critical Thinking

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