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Fail Frequently, Fast and Forward

What if the one thing you avoided most, something you dreaded and feared, was the most important part of succeeding? Most people hate the very idea of failure. They loathe thinking of themselves as coming up short, missing the mark and not succeeding. For many, just the possibility of failure is enough to convince themselves […]


What’s Luck Got to Do With It?

When you take the time to consider all of the common phrases that exist in the English language containing a reference to the work “luck”, it is little wonder that so many people possess such an overriding belief in its mystical powers.  In fact, most of us would be hard pressed to go through the […]


Why Timing Isn’t Everything in Your Career

How often have we heard that in order to succeed, ‘you have to be in the right place’…when? Exactly, you have to be in the ‘right place at the right time.’  Look at how easily that statement comes to mind.  Over and over we have heard the ‘right place, right time’ myth. Why is this […]


The Secret No One Told You About Success

What is it that makes someone great? Is it some innate ability? Some unique skill set that they were gifted with? Is greatness something that is bestowed upon some but not others? Is the ability to be great at something, at anything, woven into the DNA of a select few? When we look at those […]


It’s the Mindset That Matters

Throughout history there are countless stories of people who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve success.  What is it that caused these people to persist where others gave up?  Why were they able to stay focused and motivated despite all the setbacks?  Why did they so steadfastly believe that it was possible when everyone around […]

2logical named on Training Industry’s “Companies to Watch List” of 2016

2logical is honored to be named on the 2016 Leadership Training Companies Watch List for the third consecutive year. TrainingIndustry.com releases this list to continually monitor the training marketplace for the best providers of leadership training services.   Selection to this year’s Leadership Training Companies Watch List was based on the following criteria: • New and Innovative […]


A Few Words About High Payoff Activities

When one takes the time to examine any employee role in virtually any organization, it becomes readily apparent that we are a society that values multi-tasking.  It is not uncommon for an employee to have thirty or more responsibilities that relate to them successfully completing their respective job.  Employees are expected to do everything from […]