While BlueCross BlueShield of Ohio had enjoyed a leadership position within the “Blues” network for many years, the organization was beginning to struggle as it attempted to expand market share and realize a significant competitive edge against new health plans entering its territory. In addition, rising administrative expenses and steady increases in health care costs had turned the Ohio region into a turbulent health care market.

To combat these challenges as well a number of significant employee issues, 2logical implemented a tailored training approach with 3 main objectives:

  1. Increase BBO’s sales capabilities in order to overcome a tremendous increase in competition
  2. Contain and reduce ongoing administrative expenses of the sales/marketing department and improve client service by restructuring the division
  3. Develop a learning culture that would enable employees to rapidly embrace change, take on new and greater responsibilities, and overcome the ongoing challenges the
    company needed to confront to not only survive, but thrive