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For over 30 years, 2logical has helped organizations build and enhance talent development solutions that are critical to the immediate, mid-term and long term success of their enterprise.

COURSES – The Big Three

Leading with Motivational Intelligence

Enrolling Now! Great leaders see the influence of motivation and culture across their team every single day. They see it in how open or close-minded their people are, they see it if there is discretionary effort or not, they see it every time they are looking to move the team in a new direction – whether there is buy-in or resistance. Yet, while they recognize the incredible impact of motivation, they all too frequently struggle with one fundamental question – How can I positively impact the motivation of my team?

2logical has specializes in leveraging cutting-edge psychology to develop executive talent within the most iconic companies around the globe by implementing two levels of communication and development: Management (skills, best practices, activities) and Leadership (thoughts, beliefs, performance mindset).


Enrolling now! 2logical has specializes in leveraging the growth mindset and performance psychology of motivational intelligence to develop individual contributors within the most iconic companies around the globe.

The influence of Motivational Intelligence can be seen clearly among the greatest performers in the world; from an athlete who consistently leads their team to the championship, to a service rep who positively changes the culture, morale and performance of their entire team. It is the individual’s ability to understand and leverage their motives that enables them to accomplish such feats.

Ignite – The Sales Process

Speak to any sales achiever across industry and you will consistently find one common denominator that contributed most to their success: motivation. When this type of accountable and confident mindset is embraced across a team, the team becomes unstoppable.

Ignite – The Sales Process is delivered in an interactive, high-energy, humorous and eye- opening way.

The dynamic program will provide each participant with the ability to reflect on their past reactions to successes and failures; understand the primary cause of their biggest challenges and how to overcome them; and discover the tools needed for success on 2 distinct levels: motivational intelligence and sales skills.

Did you know that you can become a certified trainer in any of our BIG THREE courses?

Learn more about becoming ceritifed here!


For over 30 years, 2logical has helped organizations build and enhance talent development solutions that are critical to the immediate, mid-term and long term success of their enterprise. These dynamic solutions are designed as ongoing and sustainable development curriculum that are "mission critical" to the company's immediate and ongoing success.

The Most Common Requests for Custom Solutions by Challenge:
• Lack of leadership/over management
• Transforming engineering and technology managers into people leaders
• Underperforming sales results
• Inconsistent operations and/or manufacturing results
• Weak customer service
• Inconsistent operations and/or manufacturing results
• Breaking down silos and forging critical collaboration among departments (ie: sales, service, operations)
• Excessive high turnover of talent
• Workforce dis-engagement/low moral
• Transforming a weak corporate culture into a success culture
• Accelerate the integration of goals/processes/cultures of two or more merging entities/corporations
• On-boarding/speed to productivity of new hires


Instructionally designed and refined, each custom curriculum is engineered to transcend the traditional approach to workforce development – steeped in skills and process training – by helping organizations shape the beliefs, behaviors and traits that harness the unyielding drive and the collective soul of the entire workforce.

This level of enterprise development is known as Motivational Intelligence Training and has been quietly adopted by executive leaders and their workforce at the most iconic companies across industry.

These custom classes can be delivered virtually or in-person, all at once or spread out over several weeks.  Customized to increase buy-in and application of your existing corporate curriculum and best practices, these classes are a can't miss solution.


Until recently, access to 2logical’s tools, techniques, and unique intellectual property to resolve the most daunting challenges that prevent corporations from reaching their full potential was reserved exclusively for custom enterprise learning solutions built for clients. Today, you and your organization can access core topics of this specialized knowledge and 30 year history of results through our exclusive Tactical Solutions workshops.

Overcome your most pressing, time sensitive and daunting challenges today, right now, once and for all. That is what scores of the world’s leading iconic corporations across industry have been doing with the help of 2logical and our unique approach to workforce development: Motivational IntelligenceTraining (blending Mindset/Belief-Based Training with Skill/Process Based Training).

Discover and apply the very best strategies/techniques/tools that the most successful and best trained companies in the world have been quietly applying for decades with 2logical’s “Tactical Solution” custom workshops.


A 2logical Keynote provides audience members with the insight, language, and tools to bring the best out of themselves and others – daily!

With raised awareness, inspiration, and tangible tools, people walk away with a greater understanding of their true potential and the Motivational Intelligence to positively impact results in their professional and personal lives. Our Keynotes deliver immediate, profound, and permanent impact.

• We customize each keynote for the group so it speaks directly to them.

• No “off the shelf’ speech here. Our preparation and due diligence process customizes our world class
  IP to the group.

• We leverage the wisdom and insight from the "Greats" throughout history AND from the universal
   experiences of your audience members to remove the doubts and shape the beliefs that enable success!

• We provide real world, applicable tools that audience members can use later that day; with their Team
   Members or their Families and friends.

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