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Brad B., Sales Manager | Baker Hughes

I know you hear this all the time, but I still have to tell you…the day we spent with you was by-far one of the most beneficial days of my career with Baker Hughes.  I cannot imagine the benefits this course will provide for our Gulf of Mexico team.  I am so thankful that at 24 years old, Baker Hughes just sent me to a 2-day course that will benefit my career for the rest of my life.  

A few years ago while working for a company in Baton Rouge, LA, they sent all of their employees to some Dale Carnegie training courses for approximately 10 weeks to help boost employee morale, performance, sales, etc. (And these courses were great and beneficial).  But what Dale Carnegie did in 10 weeks of training, yourself and 2logical accomplished in 1 day. Quite impressive I must say. Ten years from now when I look back at my successes and where I’m at in my career, 2logical will be on my list.

I hope someday to have the opportunity to work with 2logical again, maybe Baker Hughes will incorporate you even further into our training program.

Operations Manager | GE Oil & Gas

Thank you very much for all the leadership insight you provided last week. Even in this short time I have noticed a dramatic change in how I look at and address certain situations. Going in to last week, I was not really sure what to expect, but I can tell you I didn’t think I would be provided with so many lessons to better myself as a leader inside and outside of the work place. Yet that is exactly what happened. Once again, I cannot thank you enough. It was a joy to be in the class.

Susan R., VP of L&D and Performance Solutions | Home Instead

I am truly grateful that our world’s collided back in 2016.  The work that 2Logical has done with Home Instead has had a significant impact on our ability to effectively deliver on our brand promises to seniors and their families.  Without a doubt, I know that the power of mindset and unlocking of potential is how HI didn’t just survive 2020, we actually thrived. Our relationship goes beyond business, I truly know that you care about us; and that means the world to me!

Kevin D., Export Supervisor | Baker Hughes

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the training you gave us last week at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Center.  The day was thoroughly enjoyable and I took a lot from this course that will carry over to all aspects of my life. Prior to this course I had been making up excuses and disillusioning myself as to why I wasn’t fulfilling ambitions and succeeding in life goals.  This is no longer the case. Your training has made me realize that I can fulfill my potential and make dreams a reality, and I fully intend to.

You also gave me insight into becoming the best father I can be with the ability to provide my own kids with the key to success, I also thank you on their behalf. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

Aram K., President | Woodland Foods

To say your training and feedback is valued would be a grand understatement.  We couldn’t have organized our efforts, created buy-in or had the clarity in thought that we enjoy, without your contributions and the contributions of 2 Logical.  Thank you

Gregg E., Service Advisor | Buick Motors

I am writing you this letter to let you know how much your training has done for me both personally and professionally.  Your training has taught me the skills necessary to advance myself to levels I thought were not possible before.

My main achievements have come professionally and they involve becoming the #1 Service Advisor for Buick Motors division in the nation.  I have no doubt that the main reason I was able to achieve this was due to your training, which lead to my realization that I have unlimited potential.  With the help and resources you have given me, I know that this is only the beginning of things to come. Thanks again for everything.  I know I will see you in the future, hopefully at the top.

Kelly Z., Account Administrator | BlueCross BlueShield

When we began training I was feeling unchallenged and actually bored with my current position. One of your suggestions was to ask John if I could assist him in meeting our corporate goals. I asked John if I could help call on his prospects. John was pleased with the idea and it has been going well. I am a very driven person and I feel my future is in sales. I know that eventually there will be a sales position that opens up, and I’ll be ready. Not a day goes by that I don’t use something I have learned from you.

On Premise Manager | Constellation Brands

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you once again for the terrific leadership training we just went through in Chicago. Without a doubt it was the best leadership or Management class I’ve ever been a part of. Very informative and eye opening to learn about being a leader versus being a manager.

James K., Lead Web/SEO Writer | CGI Communications

I've been getting a lot out of this, just as I did with the Self-Leadership class 2 years ago. It literally made me a better leader the second I left that day. I had so many ideas that I wanted to share with my team and we ended up implementing. It's funny, when you said you should reach out to that person who you credit for helping you in your career (which I did)...I'm starting to GET that same call from others I've had the pleasure of working with and leading. What an amazing feeling that is knowing you helped someone show themselves the potential they have. In the business world, there's no better feeling than that, for me at least.