Each program is completely customizable to your organizational needs and delivery requirements.


At its best, sales today is about understanding the psychology of the buyer.  But sales tomorrow is about understanding the psychology of the seller.  How can we sell a product, a service or an idea that we don’t believe in? Or don’t believe we’re capable of selling?  We all intuitively know that the best sales teams are motivated and confident.  What remains a mystery to many is that those behavioral traits can be learned.


In order to become a great leader, we must first understand the difference between leadership and management.  Where a great manager focuses on coaching employees on the skills, processes and tactics they must use to be successful, a great leader mentors their employees to believe in themselves, believe in their coworkers and believe in the vision they’ve set out to achieve together.  In short, the best leaders have high Motivational Intelligence™ (whether they know it yet or not).


Have you ever worked somewhere that just seemed to suck the life out of you? The people didn’t want to be there.  The politics was mind numbing.  The tension, palpable. Day in, day out.  If they hadn’t already started, leaders knew that people were going to start to leave in droves.  Not to mention all of the lost performance wasted.  All the potential left untapped.  But what is a culture, really? If you think about it, it’s really just a set of common values and beliefs.  It determines what’s acceptable behavior and what’s not.  What should be celebrated and what should be punished.  The best part? By using Motivational Intelligence™, you can actually install and upgrade the beliefs you want to have in an organization – like a computer program.  How crazy is that?


What if you could schedule a standing ovation? Filling out the agenda for your corporate event is a high-stakes task.  And with seemingly endless options of speakers and breakouts, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right ones? That’s why companies like Pfizer, Citi, GE and more have leveraged the years of research and application behind Motivational Intelligence™ to ensure their corporate events are the talk of the town.


What differentiates those who rise to the top of their profession? Whether it’s a super star athlete, an actress/actor, CEOs,Entrepreneurs, Musicians – those who clearly and distinctly separate themselves from the masses to achieve greatness, legendary, and iconic standards. It is a mindset. A collection of beliefs steeped in success principles that enables them to stay consistent, overcome challenges, blast through mental barriers, and rise to the very top. Self-Leadership is a world class caliber mindset development program that specifically focuses on introducing and instilling the core beliefs that drive an individual to peak performance – no matter their role. The same program that has been facilitated within the best trained companies in the world – Pfizer, P&G, Bank of America,NEC, and countless other iconic companies – is now delivered in a virtual, self-paced format for all to experience.


Our best people have mental momentum that keeps them moving forward, every day, regardless of circumstance. An object in motion stays in motion. 2logical’s Momentum Meetings are all about creating inertia. Moving people past those things that mentally stall them out. Propelling people forward on a trajectory toward success. Helping them to let go of the excuses, the self-doubts, the negative attitudes, and the fears that kill momentum and limit careers.


Motivational Intelligence™ Workshops are based on a simple premise – just because you tell people what to do, doesn’t mean they’re actually going to do it.  The secret to exceeding expectations lies in understanding what really drives behavior. The reason most teams miss their numbers is because of the challenges they face.  That’s why these Team Workshops are customized to vaporize any and all of these challenges. With 3 different pricing options, you can now instantly book your very own customized workshops at your discretion, when you need them most.  Every step of the way, your Motivational Intelligence™ Workshop is designed to make your life easy.  That’s why we built this process so you can go from concept to fully booked and customized workshop in under 30 minutes.


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