Momentum Meetings

An object in motion stays in motion.

Sir Isaac Newton published these words, what he coined as the First Law of Inertia, in 1686. As business leaders we see Newton’s laws of physics in play every day with in our teams.

We see it in our best people, those who just seem to get more done in less time. Somehow, given the same constraints, the same challenges, these people are able to rise above the issues and focus on the things that really matter most. We see it in the attitude and the perspective these people carry with them. It’s a higher level of focus, a higher level of initiative that governs these people. They have a willingness to take ownership when others make excuses. Their confidence propels them forward when other’s self-doubts stall them out.

Our best people have mental momentum that keeps them moving forward, every day, regardless of circumstance. An object in motion stays in motion.

2logical’s Momentum Meetings are all about creating inertia. Moving people past those things that mentally stall them out. Propelling people forward on a trajectory toward success. Helping them to let go of the excuses, the self-doubts, the negative attitudes, and the fears that kill momentum and limit careers.

Each 2logical Momentum Meeting is a self-contained shot in the arm for your team. A sustained boost in the performance level of each player. A simple-to-use means to change the playing field, increase your impact as a leader and move your people in a better and more productive direction.

Momentum Meetings can be used in a singular fashion to turn up the volume and increase the engagement and impact of one of your regular team meetings. They can also be used in a series to dramatically enhance team performance over time.

Specifically designed to get people thinking, talking and most importantly, taking the actions that drive results, 2logical Momentum Meetings are a powerful tool to increase the focus, actions and success momentum of your team.