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Self Leadership Online: The Motivational Intelligence Online Course

What differentiates those who rise to the top of their profession? Whether it’s a super star athlete, an actress/actor, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Musicians – those who clearly and distinctly separate themselves from the masses to achieve greatness; legendary and iconic standards. It is a Mindset. A collection of Beliefs steeped in Success Principles that enables them to stay consistent, overcome challenges, blast through mental barriers, and rise to the very top.

Self-Leadership is a world class caliber Motivational Intelligence development program that specifically focuses on introducing and instilling the Core Beliefs that drive an individual to peak performance – no matter their role. The same program that has been facilitated within the best trained companies in the world – Pfizer, P&G, Bank of America, NEC and countless other iconic companies – is now delivered in a virtual, self-paced format for all to experience.

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Momentum Meetings

2logical’s Momentum Meetings are "lightning in a digital box" to help leaders sustain the ongoing development of their team. Moving people past the things that mentally stall them out. Propelling people forward on a trajectory toward success.

Helping them to let go of the excuses, the self-doubts, the negative attitudes, and the fears that kill momentum and limit careers. Bundle of 5 meetings, each with a full video-based presentation, leader’s guide and employee workbook.

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mojo® — Interactive Individual and Team Learning App

Everyone knows that IQ is no guarantee of success. But we also know that EQ is no guarantee of success either. With high levels of both, people still often don’t do the things they’re supposed to do and know will make them successful. To understand why, we must explore the oldest part of the human brain.

Mojo is an interactive digital coaching app for individual and leaders designed to increase the 3rd and most important category of intelligence, motivational intelligence. This on-demand mobile app finally unveils what really drives our behavior, and the 5 critical skills needed to unlock human potential, take control of our lives, and master the ability to unlock oneself and others to do the things we need to do in order to succeed!


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