Each program is completely customizable to your organizational needs and delivery requirements.

Executive Leadership with Motivational Intelligence™

Speak to a great executive or seek to understand a peak performing team and you will consistently find that there is one common denominator that contributed to their success: a mastery of motivation. They have a Motivational IntelligenceTM of no excuses, no blame, high self-confidence, a positive, resilient attitude, laser focus on goals and understanding comfort zones that defines the difference between winners and losers, victors and victims, champions and everyone else.

Leading with Motivational Intelligence™

Speak to a great leader or seek to understand a peak performing team and you will consistently find that there is one common denominator that contributed to their success: a mastery of motivation. They have a Motivational Intelligence™ of no excuses, no blame, high self-confidence, a positive, resilient attitude, laser focus on goals and understanding comfort zones that defines the difference between winners and losers, victors and victims, champions and everyone else.

Leading Sales Teams with Motivational Intelligence™

Speak to a great sales leader or seek to understand a peak performing sales team and you will consistently find that there is one common denominator that contributed to their success: a mastery of motivation. They have a Motivational Intelligence™ of no excuses, no blame, high self-confidence, a positive, resilient attitude, laser focus on goals and understanding comfort zones that defines the difference between winners and losers, victors and victims, champions and everyone else.

Leading Channel Partners with Motivational Intelligence™

How do you partner better with your channel partners? How do you help them to grow their businesses? How do you create such a powerful differential advantage that they feel compelled to sell through your products? 2logical’s Leading Channel Partners with Motivational Intelligence™ is a powerful, proven resource that has been strategically designed to help participants develop the specialized knowledge, key insights and consulting expertise required to become a trusted advisor to their channel partners.

Leading Millennials Motivational Intelligence™ 

Today we have five unique generations in the workforce, a phenomenon that has never happened before. Each of these generations were influenced by distinctly different factors and thus, they bring with them differing values, perspectives and strengths/weaknesses. 

Managing Change Motivational Intelligence™ 

“It is not the strongest of a species that survives, nor is it the most intelligent. It is the one that is more adaptable to change.” – The great 19th century scientist, Charles Darwin. 

Change is inevitable and in the fast-paced world of business, it is coming at us at an ever quicker rate. In order to succeed, employees must be more open-minded, adaptable and willing to embrace change than ever before. Yet the innate human desire to keep things the same, reduce the risk of failure and cling to legacy ways of thinking, slows organizations down and creates a drag factor that keeps companies from being as nimble as they need to be. 

Performance Management Motivational Intelligence™

Without this framework in place, employee development frequently becomes an activity that gets pushed to the back burner and lost in the reactive fire-fighting and problem-solving process that consumes many managers daily activities.

Given its importance, it is ironic how often managers will look at the performance review process as nothing more than a distraction, a necessary evil that they must trudge through for HR purposes. As such, it is not uncommon for organizations to see managers devote little time, energy and forethought to the process of doing employee performance reviews.

Coaching and Mentoring Motivational Intelligence™

Balanced team performance, engaged employees, adaptability and resilience, meaningful successions, bench strength, buy-in, passion, high levels of motivation, drive – all of these are the direct outcome of one thing – effective coaching and mentoring. 

Nobody wants to struggle: they want to succeed. So, having someone by their side helping them to get out of their own way and learn the things that will lead to their success is very desirable. Yet finding a skilled coach and mentor can be nearly impossible. The question is, why?

Recruiting with Motivational Intelligence™

One good hire can transform a team. One bad hire can quickly become a distracting nightmare. In the interviewing process it can often be exceptionally difficult to tell which type of employee you’re going to get. As such, at times recruiting can seem like more like a game of chance than one of skill. However, it doesn’t have to be. Today, cognitive science has given us an infinitely greater understanding of what truly causes some employees to succeed and others to struggle. Bringing these insights into the realm of recruiting greatly increases the success rates of finding employees who will get up to speed quickly, and be able to adapt and grow in the role.

Motivational Intelligence™ for High Potentials

Speak to a high achieving employee or seek to understand a peak performing team and you will consistently find that there is one common denominator that contributed to their success: a mastery of motivation. They have a Motivational Intelligence™ of no excuses, no blame, high self-confidence, a positive, resilient attitude, laser focus on goals and understanding comfort zones that  defines the difference between winners and losers, victors and victims, champions and everyone else.

Motivational Intelligence™ for New Hires

With today’s rapid pace of business, an organization’s ability to compete is increasingly dependent on the Speed to Productivity of their new hires. No longer can executives afford to wait around for months and months for a new employee to get up to speed – it simply costs too much in the form of money, lost performance and lost organizational speed. What organizations really need now is for the Speed to Productivity of their new hires to shrink from several months to just a few days. Imagine the saved time, saved money, increased productivity and performance across an entire organization if, within just a few days, new employees were making monumental and consistent contributions to the success of the team.

Communicating with Motivational Intelligence™

Speak to any peak performing leader in any industry, and you will consistently find one common denominator that contributed to their success – their ability to effectively communicate.

Perhaps nowhere can the influence of a leaders communication be clearer than the interaction with those they lead/manage on their team. The importance of building trust, the ability to ask questions to crystallize goals and the ability to communicate with the inspiration needed to achieve these goals are all key communication components that come to mind.

Time Management with Motivational Intelligence™

What if you could increase your productivity by 20% or even 30% without working extra hours? What if you could consistently deliver better Yes’s and better No’s throughout your day? What if you knew how to master any role (professional or personal) and help others do the same? What if you could identify and tap into an unlimited source of motivation to help you on your journey?


Too often we have internal classes or meetings that we all leave feeling like we just lost valuable time that could have been spent more productively.  Unfortunately, I believe this makes a good amount of us very skeptical when it comes time to sign up and attend these events.  To be honest, this was my attitude coming into class, I had just taken on new responsibilities and thought my time could be used on HPA’s other than this…see more

I couldn’t have been more wrong, this class was honestly the best I’ve ever attended.  No doubt, I could have continued down the same path, probably with good results.  The industry is great right now, growth would have continued in spite of me, not because of me.

As I sat through the class, I realized that I was 90/10 Manager/Leader.  This was hard to swallow, looking at yourself in the mirror can be difficult.  I decided to make an effort moving forward to use information you supplied to not only grow my business, but to grow my employees.  I’ve only just begun, I’m confident this will occur and look forward to being able to update you in the future with the actual success stories!

While my professional growth was the main objective for this course, there was another facet of my life that your course made an immediate impact on.  Although work is very important to me, being a great father and husband are my top two priorities in life.  While I believe I was good at both, I’m far from being great.

Your example about how easy your oldest son is for you and how difficult it is for you to understand your youngest, really hit home.  This is exactly the case in my family, up until now I tended to put my youngest in a “box.”  This will no longer happen, as soon as I returned home, my wife and I had one of the most productive conversations we had ever had as parents.  We have changed our approach, and I believe we are already starting to see positive results.  We no longer tell our youngest she’s “not a morning person” or “messy” or “just not competitive.” While I thought these sayings were harmless, I now know they were shaping my daughter.

Not sure if you offer a similar class in a non business setting or not.  If you do, I would love to have my wife attend one, if you don’t, I would highly recommend you look into doing so. This stuff is too valuable not to share with parents, teachers, counselors, etc.

Thanks again,

Nick T.Sales Manager, Baker Hughes


I have just returned from my DSM Immersion Training and wanted to reach out and express my gratitude and appreciation.  To say it was a life changing experience may seem over the top, but it is the absolute truth.  The knowledge, content, tools, speakers, and overall structure gave me a higher understanding of not only the company vision and culture, but also the mindset and tools for how to succeed and drive the business and key initiatives.  see more

On a personal note, I know that I walked away as a more conscious human being and leader.  I am so excited and eager to implement what I learned and share that information and passion to help others grow and develop as well.  Since day one, I have been impressed by the leadership and people that make up our company and that only continues to be reinforced and strengthened.  I am thrilled to be a part of the leadership team at SalonCentric and to have L’Oreal USA backing us.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for investing the resources and time into my training and development.  2logical – thank you for pulling together the information, people and resources to make this happen!

Kimberly B.District Sales Manager, L’Oreal


I was thinking of you over the last few days as I was reflecting on our year (prior to my year end review) and it has been a pretty challenging, yet fun ride over the past 12 months. see more

By implementing some of the leadership tactics that you taught me and the team, we have managed to gain market share and the team’s morale around the office has never been as good as it is now. And that is saying something given the pending merge, state of the industry and the fact that we just went through another round of layoffs.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again and we’re going to continue to develop our leadership skills based on the 2logical training.

I hope our paths cross again soon.

All the best,

Marc C.Sales Manager, Baker Hughes


I wanted to thank you for the impact that 2logical has made on Independent Health.  As the Director of Sales Staff Development and Training, I have been challenged to create a comprehensive training program that will incorporate all facets of the sales process rating from the product training, prospecting, the sales process, creation of a mentoring program, and to change the way our leadership team coaches their team members. see more

I was with Pfizer for over 20 years and was a Senior District Manager for over 17 years.  Pfizer’s training has always been considered the best in the industry.  Most recently over the last 2 years, I was the Director of Sales for BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York.  In the last 22 years, I have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of training programs and outside consultants.  This is the best training program that I have ever participated in.  Independent Health has worked with a number of vendors, but as I was told, the majority of these training companies were not impactful or considered the “flavor of the month.”  It is nice to know that Independent Health has been so impressed with this training, that for the first time, 2logical is not considered a flavor of the month, but rather a partner that we will be working with for years to come.  I have both the Leadership and Sales Teams asking when our next Builder Meeting will be.  We also plan to have your organization participate in our Corporate kickoff meeting in September (of which our organization has never had an outside vendor attend.)  I appreciate the fact that your company tailors the training to the needs of our company, rather than an off-the-shelf training program.  I appreciate the trainer’s ability to take different concepts and relate them to companies he has dealt with throughout the world as well as Independent Health.

With the extensive amount of internal training that is being rolled out, by having 2logical involved early in the process has created a culture that has turned the Leadership and Sales team around.  I have seen a change in both attitude as well as the focus on High Payoff Activities.

Thank you so much for the impact that your company has already had on Independent Health, and I truly look forward to our continued partnership.  I am a true believer that the best is yet to come for Independent Health, and with your company’s assistance, we will be able to achieve market dominance.

With the challenges that exist in the marketplace today, the training your company provides will help differentiate our company from our competitors.


Scott W.Director of Sales Staff Development and Training, Independent Health


The team performance is moving ahead in leaps, with a few jumps landing in pot holes, but with each member being able to pick themselves back up and try and leap again. 

I have the added benefit of having one of the mangers reporting to me go through your course, which expedites the communication process as we are talking the same language most of the time.see more

I’ve seen a marked change in one of the older managers reporting to me.  He now see the benefits, and this has freed up his thought process and allowed him to put his ideas into practice.  One of the big issues seemed to be a lack of drive or possibly a lack of accountability driven from his management or up from his team.  Once he realized somebody actually cares about what he is doing and is willing to put in the time and effort to see the process through, his energy levels increased and this has flowed through to his team.  It’s great to see it in action and certainly his and his team’s productivity has increased with their first every $1 million quarter in July.

I think the course has helped focus the team’s attention on what is important in the organization, and the positive message throughout has certainly helped make the job even more enjoyable.

I’m also leading the Area Managers in APN and was on a recent conference call with Charlene and commented that it is easier when all members have been through the course as it gives focusing in both action and communication.

I understand you’ve had a few trips to Latin America recently which based on the last conference call have had quite an impact on those teams, great stuff!!

Ross M.Area Manager, Baker Hughes


Thanks again for hosting the training class last week. I thought it was excellent – it helped reinforce a lot of things. The eye-openers that I shared in class were how I need to reach out more to those that likely need more of our help versus the ones we work with regularly due to commonalities, and then asking more questions versus telling someone where they missed or what they should have done. see more

Last Friday, it really resonated with me as I was talking with one of my managers and we were trying to solve an issue of why something wasn’t getting done by one of his direct reports. I started to talk about a manger versus a leader and how the leader “asks” and the manager “tells,” or in some cases does for them. He said to me, “A light bulb has just gone off for me as to what I have been doing incorrectly.”  He then had a session with that same employee and asked him what he thought, and the data points just flew out of him! We’re using these principles in real life!

I also plan to have a staff meeting where I am going to bring my 36 people together and we are going to have each of them write down their 7 High Payoff Activities, one goal they are working towards, and then work it from there on how we can hit our 90MM in new sales goal this year – I know we can do it, as we have unlimited potential.

I also just had someone come in and tell me they couldn’t do something and I said, “Why not? I think you can.” They said, “You do?” I said, “Yes – look at all the other things you thought you couldn’t do and now do with regular ease!”

Thanks again!

Tracy S.Managing Director, Citi


This course was quite simply the best leadership course that I have ever taken.  As a 10 year [sales] professional, a graduate school student and a member of other leadership groups such as COGA’s EnGen group, I have experienced my fair share of leadership trainings.  While I believe all trainings have benefit to the motivated and tenacious student, often I have found the learning objectives fall flat either towards the end of the program or shortly thereafter.  2logical’s program is vastly different. see more

Learning objectives during this course focused on building teams and leaders at the thoughts and beliefs stage before transitioning to the actions and tactics stage.  This method was a significant departure from other formal leadership instruction that I have received and results could be seen within the learning participants instantly.  Once belief as the foundation was addressed, the tools of servant leadership and formalized goal setting/prioritization were covered in great detail and in a more creative and thought provoking manner than I have previously experienced.  Examples of great leaders utilizing similar methods helped to drive home the realization that success in leadership, sales or other aspects of life are realized through helping others reach their goals first.  Additionally, insightful instruction detailing how implementing a high impact reward and recognition system could be utilized during each stage of a team’s life cycle (Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing) helped learners understand how they could impact performance regardless of their position or formal leadership level of responsibility.

I could continue to highlight different areas of the curriculum that I felt particularly impact the group but this message would begin to look more like a novel than an email.  I will simply say that my team seems to have a new focus and determination after taking 2logical’s program and the implementation of the skills learned during the class are clearly identifiable.  The measure of any program in my mind is how it changes the thoughts, beliefs, actions, tactics and results of its participants.  At this stage, I can share with confidence that this program has helped all the members of my team in each of these mentioned areas and I strongly encourage this course be offered to a more broad group of Baker employees with the intention of creating synergies in our business and imbibing leadership across our organization.

Best regards,

Jason S.Sales Specialist, Baker Hughes

 “VERY EYE OPENING!!!!!!!!!”

Thank you for helping me see where I am and turning me from the “management drudgery” back to the joy of leadership.  As you were going through the training, I saw the person I used to be, techniques and beliefs that I owned and used as a part of my life.  I may not have described things the same way as in the manual, but the action are the same.  The course was a time of self-evaluation that has stopped me from living in a world of urgency and back to looking for what is important.  Very eye opening!!!!!!!!! see more

It has been such a tough year personally, and working seven days a week away from home, that I had gotten into the mode of reacting to everyone’s problems and requests rather than asking questions.  I could do it faster myself.  You well know that is a short term fix, but you can’t do it all, and most unfortunate are the lost opportunities of growth by those we lead.

Thank you for turning the direction of this old crusty oilfield guy back toward being a leader, evaluating what is important, reflecting on what I did well, what I didn’t do so well, and what am I going to do to get better.


Lowell T.District Manager, Baker Hughes


We just returned from dinner, and the Executive Sales Team was RAVING over today’s session.  You have no idea how impressed and happy I am.  This is the right content, delivered at the right level, and they have been ready for this for a long time. We are all so looking forward to the April training with the larger group…this is very exciting! see more

We’ll chat next week to set up a follow up session or two, but I wanted to let you know right away how well-received your training has been, and how much I appreciate what you do, especially in getting to know us as a company, and more importantly, as a culture.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tonya P.Executive Sales Team Manager, Organic Valley