NEW Episode! Fred Collins, How to Become a CEO: Making Career Choices, Giving Back and Building a COVID-Oriented Business

Fred Collins is an international sales leader, philanthropist and the co-founder and Managing Director of Undercover Brands, which produces protective face masks in the fight against COVID-19.

Fred has spent time leading sales teams at major companies like Proctor and Gamble, Kao, Henkel and Coty.

When COVID-19 hit, Fred, along with his partners, decided to start Undercover Brands, which makes a wide range of protective face masks, and for every mask it sells it donates one to someone in need.

Since the taping of this conversation, Undercover Brands has gone from having one major customer to being carried in 4,000 retail locations. Starting on September 1st, Undercover’s premium, 100% cotton face masks will be available at retail outlets like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods and Bealls.

In this conversation, we cover Fred’s experience with the California wildfires, his early career path and development, and the beginnings of what is now a nationally distributed product.

You can find Fred on LinkedIn, and learn more about Undercover Brands at

Listen to Fred’s Episode: Apple / Spotify / Anchor / Stitcher

Listeners of this podcast get 15% off Undercovers Brands masks by using the code “2logical15” at checkout.

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