How to Build a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is extremely important, in both our personal and professional lives. In this episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Sean Johnson and John Casey discuss what it takes to build a culture of innovation, starting with ourselves and bringing it to our place of work.  They discuss how vital it is to have five specific components: accountability, adaptability, resilience, initiative and courage. These five components can help lead change within ourselves and those around us, especially in the work place. People tend to assume that change and innovation is hard to come by, but really all it takes is having the right mindset in order to begin. It is always possible to move forward if we want it bad enough. It is important to let go of fear and open up our minds. You definitely don’t want to miss this episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, “How to Build a Culture of Innovation”. Tune in and let us know what you think and check us out on social media! Let us know what topics you would like to see us cover next.

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Shownotes: How to Build a Culture of Innovation

0:46- Intro

3:23- What is a culture of innovation?

8:43- Why it is important to instill a culture of innovation in the workplace

10:46- We are all apart of many different cultures

13:14- Why it is harmful to believe that you aren’t good with innovation or change

14:23- What are the harmful beliefs about innovation and change that people should look out for?

18:54- What are the barriers?

23:42- How to go about “rebranding” yourself

26:47- Create a “no complaints without suggestions” approach

37:16- Let others speak first

38:59- How to become more resilient individually and at work

45:02- Goals are important!

50:49- How to instill courage in others

52:06- Get rid of negative thoughts in order to succeed

53:58- How we communicate with ourselves & why it is important

1:05:56- Conclusion