Hidden in Plain Sight: The Best Ways to Recover When Everything Goes Wrong

For this special episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, we are sharing Dave Naylor’s keynote speech that he did for NEC, one of the world’s leading information technology companies. He shares many insights into what it really takes to make your business partners and consumers happy- even when times are tough. He also shares why it is far more important for you to build a strong relationship with your partners during tough times rather than good ones; it is important to know how to take a bad situation and find some good in it, while making sure that your partners and customers are still happy and can trust you. He explains the reasoning behind needing to make sure that your customers and partners know your “vision”- where you’re currently at and where you plan on going, without that, they won’t stick around. While this keynote is mostly about business, there are fundamental learning lessons that could be applied to several different aspects of life. Interested in hearing more? Check out the newest episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast entitled “blank” and as always, check us out on social media and let us know what you think!

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Shownotes: Hidden in Plain Sight: The Best Ways to Recover When Everything Goes Wrong

1:53-  Dave’s Intro

10:24: Stories of triumph during tough times

17:13: Why having a vision is so important

25:00: Negative emotions are dominant

26:12- Why we must control our “emotional climate”

27:15: Dave’s customer service experience

31:19: Dr. Douglas Copeland’s wise words

38:08: What organizations will judge your business on

44:00- Conclusion