The 5 Don’ts of Coaching and Mentoring

Is there anyone in your life, either personally or professionally who helped you get to where you are today? It is likely that the answer is yes. It is very important to have someone to help you along the way and give you that extra boost of confidence. On this episode of the Motivational Intelligence Podcast, we talk about what NOT to do in both a coaching role and a mentoring one in the workplace. Unfortunately, the higher-ups in a company sometimes don’t want to participate in coaching or mentoring because they think it is a big event- when really it is something that can be done consistently every single day. Sometimes, all that is missing from a team are valuable people to help them bring out their unlimited potential. A large majority of people probably aren’t even aware of the fact that they have unlimited potential, which is why that is such a vital part of what we teach here at 2logical!

One of the main issues in the workplace is that people often know what they need to do and how to do it, they just lack the motivation and desire to do so. This is why having a coach or a mentor is absolutely crucial, more so than most people are aware of. Having that person could boost an entire team’s sales, or maybe even stop a person from looking elsewhere for employment. Dave and Sean also discuss how everyone in a company- anyone ranging from entry level to higher level executives- could highly benefit from a coach or mentor. Sometimes all it takes is one person to completely change your mindset!

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Show Notes: The 5 Don’ts of Coaching and Mentoring

0:00-1:05- Intro into coaching and mentoring

1:40- the difference between coaching and mentoring

6:35- what coaches and mentors mean to different people

12:07- High payoff activities

15:45- Coaching isn’t just for sports

17:21- what makes a mentor effective?

20:30- People know what to do and how to do it, but sometimes are missing the drive..

21:04- How do you help someone overcome mental barriers?

28:06- The mentoring process

35:54-  Helping guide people to come up with solutions on their own

40:45-  everyone can benefit from a coach or mentor no matter the position they’re in

52:37- not enough people have solid coaches and mentors

1:03:08- The root cause of problems in the workplace

1:03:29-why is there a lack of coaching and mentoring?

1:17:12- What can stop someone from becoming a great coach or mentor?

1:24:52-  The biggest excuse people use..

1:27:38-  How people incorrectly view coaching and mentoring

 1: 32:54- Conclusion