Asking the Right Questions, Part 1

We’ve heard it all before: ask a lot of questions, there is no such thing as a stupid question, etc. While these are all important and true, how often do we really stop and think about if the questions we are asking are sufficient, aka the right questions? In this episode of the Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Dave Naylor and Sean Johnson discuss the importance of asking the right questions, in many different areas of life: goals, heath, relationships, finances and more.

People often ask themselves a lot of the time: why can’t I get ahead/get what I want? Typically from there, their thoughts spiral into a pit of “all of these things are holding me back and they always will”. Dave discusses the fact that if you’re asking yourself the wrong questions, you will come up with a plan (or maybe no plan at all) that will fail. However, if you’re asking yourself the right questions, you will come up with a plan that is productive and will help you get to wherever you want to go. Often times without even realizing it, we come up with more problems instead of solutions. The right questions are simply ones that help us come up with positive solutions and break us out of the vicious cycle we seem to be in no matter what we do.

It is easy to assume that we have it figured out and if we aren’t reaching a goal, it just isn’t meant to be, but that isn’t the case! We just need to take a deeper dive with what we ask ourselves and also those around us, these important questions will drive growth and change. Learn all about this and much more with Dave and Sean during this riveting and eye opening episode of the Motivational Intelligence Podcast! Part 2 will be on its way soon, so you won’t want to miss part 1! Be sure to check us out and follow us on social media as well!

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Show Notes: Asking the Right Questions: Part 1

0:25 – Intro

1:40 – Why asking the right questions is important

4:30 – What are the most important questions we can be asking ourselves, in terms of getting to where we want to go?

16:00 – Why it is so important to know what you want

22:25 – What questions should we be asking in terms of our health?

36:00 – What are the questions we should be asking in terms of our relationships?

46:28 – What are the questions we should be asking in terms of our money?

56:00 – Conclusion