Why You Should Fail More, and How To Do It Better

When most people hear the world “failure”, they usually assume that means something negative. However, it is not always such a bad thing. Failing can lead to learning a very important lesson. Failing isn’t always a setback; it can actually give you the push forward that you need.  When you fail, that means you tried. In this episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Dave Naylor and Sean Johnson discuss what failure really means and how most people view it. They bring up important things that many people may not consider- such as limited mindsets and how surrounding yourself with the wrong people can often lead to a lack of success.

What really counts is how you handle failure. There is failure, and then there’s absolute failure. Absolute failure is when you completely stop trying to reach your goals, and you feel like you can’t make anything better; you feel completely hopeless. Dave and Sean discuss how the people that typically feel this way don’t realize that it is okay to make a mistake. In reality, making a mistake is much, much better than not trying at all! What really matters is learning how to “fail better”- aka failing in a way where you learn something from it and you continue to keep trying, no matter what. Interested i hearing more? Tune into this week’s episode of The Motivational intelligence Podcast. Also, be sure to follow us social media!

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1:29- intro
1:40- why is failure important?
3:52- why do we look a failure as a negative thing?
8:58- How the media alters the alters what we see
11:40- How does someone get more comfortable with the idea of failing?
20:52-People see the world through a limited perspective 
23:52- The people you surround yourself with are so important!
26:47- Is there such a thing as absolute failure? 
31:07- how do we fail better?
33:24- What do people struggle with in terms of failure? 
40:33- Failing forward
46:09- Win or learn
49:05- Conclusion