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  • Leading Sales Teams with Motivational Intelligence™

    There is no disputing the importance of motivation in sales, and perhaps of even greater importance, in Sales Leadership. Using Motivational Intelligence™, 2logical’s powerful Sales Leadership and Management development process has become the Sales Leadership development backbone for scores of Fortune 500 companies across industry. It is a proven system that has revolutionized the way corporations develop their Sales leadership talent, implement a coaching and mentoring process and ultimately develop their most valuable asset – their people. This development process consistently yields unparalleled Behavioral Change, Skill-Gap Closure, and most importantly, Sustainable Results.

    Key Words: Leadership Fundamentals, Customer Relationship Management

  • Leading Channel Partners with Motivational Intelligence™

    How do you partner better with your channel partners? How do you help them to grow their businesses? How do you create such a powerful differential advantage that they feel compelled to sell through your products? 2logical’s Leading Channel Partners with Motivational Intelligence™ is a powerful, proven resource that has been strategically designed to help participants develop the specialized knowledge, key insights and consulting expertise required to become a trusted advisor to their channel partners. Based upon more than two decades worth of experience in helping organizations around the globe to successfully differentiate themselves in today’s highly competitive market place, 2logical’s Leading Channel Partners with Motivational Intelligence™ imparts a powerful set of tools that allows participants to advise, consult, and lead partnering relationships at an entirely different level.

    Key Words: Leadership Fundamentals, Customer Training

  • Implementing Strategy with Motivational Intelligence™

    Picture this: a company devises a brilliant new strategy that will save their business or take it to the next level.  A new go-to-market, a new product line, a new business entirely. It’s thorough, it’s unique, it’s a promising vision of the future.  Roll out time comes, and with it, the excuses.  Why it won’t work, why their team isn’t capable, why we should just do what we’ve always done.  And then, the plan sits on a shelf.  Sound familiar? The greatest challenge with a new strategy is not in devising the plan – it’s in getting the team to execute it. To buy-in. To believe.  Whatever the new strategy, 2logical uses Motivational Intelligence™ to get employees to buy-in, implement and execute the new plan.  So all of those dreams sitting on the shelf? Dust them off. Let’s go to work.

    Key Words: Strategic Management, Change Management, Business Innovation

  • Recruiting with Motivational Intelligence™

    In today’s job market, effective recruiting can be the make or break of an organization.  The question isn’t just, “how can we attract more applicants?” (although that’s part of it), it’s “how do we tell who will be successful in this role?”.  Have you ever noticed that some people with great resumes never seem to live up to their potential? And others, who most people had very low expectations for, rise to the top? The truth is, the screening process isn’t broken – it’s just incomplete.  2logical trains hiring managers to recruit and screen people on their skills and experience, but on the most accurate predictor of their ultimate success or failure: their Motivational Intelligence™.

    Key Words: Staffing and Recruiting, Team Building, Organizational Development

  • Selling with Motivational Intelligence™

    At its best, sales today is about understanding the psychology of the buyer. But sales tomorrow is about understanding the psychology of the seller. How can we sell a product, a service or an idea that we don’t believe we’re capable of selling? We all intuitively know that the best sales teams are motivated and confident. What remains a mystery to many is that those behavioral traits can be learned.

    Original Book: Swagger – Traits, Techniques and True Stories from the Movement That’s Changing Sales

    Key Words: Customer Relationship Management, Negotiation, Prospecting

  • Serving Customers with Motivational Intelligence™
    There are two great challenges in running a customer service team: retention of employees, and adoption of new techniques. How can an individual truly serve their customers, and endure the constant negative feedback they’ll inevitably receive from the marketplace, if they don’t believe they’re really helping people?

    Key Words: Customer Service, Customer Relationship Management

  • Motivational Intelligence™ for New Hires

    When it comes to New Hires, Speed to Productivity is the metric that matters.  How long does it take them to get up and running?  How long does it take them to gel with their team?  How long does it take them to begin executing (at a high level) in their role?  The longer it takes, the more money it costs the organization. 2logical uses Motivational Intelligence™ to get new employees comfortable and up to speed at their new company in weeks instead of months, saving countless thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

    Key Words: Organizational Development, Staffing & Recruiting

Transforming Results Through Mindset Belief Training – Oki Data

100% Buy-in From Tenured Sales Reps – Konica Minolta

Unprecedented Sales Results in Challenging Times – Cannon


Thank you for such a great day with Strategy: Ignite last week.  Before I left to go offshore Monday, I located one of the 3 copies my dad has given me over the years of Think and Grow Rich, and brought it with me to read again.  He was so happy when I called and told him I was going to read it again, and that you had quoted Napoleon Hill in the class. see more

I know you hear this all the time, but I still have to tell you…the day we spent with you was by-far one of the most beneficial days of my career with Baker Hughes.  I cannot imagine the benefits this course will provide for our Gulf of Mexico team.  I am so thankful that at 24 years old, Baker Hughes just sent me to a 2-day course that will benefit my career for the rest of my life.  A few years ago while working for a company in Baton Rouge, LA, they sent all of their employees to some Dale Carnegie training courses for approximately 10 weeks to help boost employee morale, performance, sales, etc. (And these courses were great and beneficial).  But what Dale Carnegie did in 10 weeks of training, yourself and 2logical accomplished in 1 day. Quite impressive I must say.  10 years from now when I look back at my successes and where I’m at in my career, 2logical will be on my list.

I hope someday to have the opportunity to work with 2logical again, maybe Baker Hughes will incorporate you even further into our training program.

Brad B.Sales Manager, Baker Hughes


Enclosed is a copy of our new brochure for Antares Management Solutions.  We wanted to share an advanced copy with you because you are an important part of our success now and in the future.   see more

In our first year in existence, we have grown to $35M in annualized revenue and we provide claims processing services and membership and billing services to 600,000 members in 35 states.

Thank you for your support.


Edward H.President and CEO, Antares Management Solutions


The four corners of this letter cannot begin to express or adequately preserve for future corporate consideration, this office’s gratitude, and this author’s sincere thanks, for you invaluable sales insight and assistance these past many months. see more

From your initial training for the ninety percent of our staff who in their BCBSO history have never profited from such instruction, to your Self-Leadership instruction to assist this staff in trying to realize their individual potential, each attendee has directly benefited. Statistically the facts reveal that those that have had this training, have profited from your instruction, in that they appear to feel better about themselves and they are staying more attentive to the tasks at hand.

I consider myself a very goal-oriented, focused regional Vice President.  Regular hands-on accountability and regular staff meetings keep my nose to that grind stone.  With your help, in less than one-quarter (three months) you have helped me overcome a forty (40%) percent reduction in force, reshape local administration, and structure a new sales staff to help that focus.  However, I must admit, the every day administrative demands of my time, from personnel issues, to budget matters, VIP entertaining, corporate staff and planning meetings, as well as social demands tend to obscure a Regional Executive’s vision.  Is it the forest or the trees? Your monthly individual assistance, periodic phone calls and correspondence help me to see not just the forest or the trees, but the saplings worth nourishing, the need for pruning, and even the dead wood.

2logical and BCBSO’s professional tandem, hand-in-glove association must be a continuing, on-going relationship.  Your monthly counsel and courses of instruction are an absolute necessity.  As you have been in our midst over the past number of months, you have gained an acute appreciation of our staff general needs, individual sales staff members short and long suits, as well the competitive market of Southwestern Ohio.  The Southwestern Ohio market is a health and life insurer’s war-zone.  In Southwestern Ohio, BCBSO’s goal is a mission, and with your continued help, I know this crusade will be successful, and our goals will be accomplished this year, next year, and for the long run.

I see 2logical and BCBSO’s relationship as a partnership in that long run.  I see you and me as key players in this relation that will be an example to our respective superiors.

Personally, and on the behalf of the Southwestern Ohio BCBSO staff, thanks so much for your guidance, direction, and expertise.  Let the relationship continue! Let both 2logical and BCBSO corporately profit from that relationship year after year.

Very truly yours,

William T.VP of Sales and Customer Relations, BlueCross BlueShield of Ohio


Many thanks for your support.  It proved to be a successful year for me.  There were many people cheering me on throughout the year.  You were one of those people.  see more

When I arrived home last Thursday night following the sales event, I asked my son and husband to lie down on the bed and read aloud the sign taped to the ceiling.  The sign listed my desired income and the word “TOP”.  When I placed that sign on the ceiling above my bed, I recall thinking, “I must be crazy”.  It was the first and last thing I saw morning after morning and night after night.

When both Zach and Steve finished reading it out loud, I showed them the Top Performer plaque presented to me just hours earlier in Cleveland.  Steve already knew that I had surpassed the income goal.  I don’t suppose I have to tell you that those two guys are now believers!

It is sort of crazy and humorous, but it is real!  Thank you for your inspiration.  You encouraged me to move beyond the imaginary line that I previously thought only a select few had the ability to cross.


Sharon G.Medical Mutual of Ohio


It seems as if it were only yesterday when I was first introduced to you. I must admit that I was rather receptive to meeting you back then since I was new to the Rochester community and desperately needed to fill my appointment book. see more

When I think back to that time, however, I now recognize my total naiveté in thinking that the MassMutual Rochester agency employed only seventeen associates and was capable of a mere $490,000 totally first year commissions.  Equally discouraging, many industry professionals warned that a Rochester agency could no longer grow demographically, or profitably. You immediately allayed my apprehension in our initial meeting as the synergy, passion and energy developed and flourished between us.  Truly, all great players are taught by great coaches, and you are mine.

Within a mere fifteen months, we ‘knocked the cover off the ball’ by recruiting seventy agents and completing last year with $1.2 million FYC.  This was no fluke as the Rochester agency will conclude this year with $1.3 million FYC.  In addition, I have won every possible award and like Rick Pitino, I have accepted a new challenge; rebuilding the “flagship” Springfield agency of MassMutual.  I realize that without your encoring efforts and continued guidance, this opportunity never would have presented itself.

Thank you and I look forward to continuing our work together for many years to come.


Peter N.MassMutual


Thanks for getting me involved in the training module “Referral Prospecting – The Prelude to Sales Success.”  Although it has only been a couple of days, my investment has already come back to me many fold.  see more

Today I began developing “Centers of Influence” for my business.  This focused effort resulted in one of my favorite clients giving me 10 quality referrals on the spot.  In addition, we set up a meeting for next week to review a list of over one hundred local professionals that he knows personally.

Although I have achieved above average results since I entered the insurance industry, the majority of my business has come from methods of prospecting rather than referrals.  After attending your training program, I now realize I can and will be able to achieve my aggressive sales goals in a fraction of the time and with less effort.

I strongly recommend this module for any sales professional that has a sincere desire to enhance their sales results exponentially.  The key to long-term sales success is working hard and smart.  Thanks to your help, I can focus on doing both.

Thanks again!

Kevin S.Mutual Life Insurance


Thank you for the help that you have extended to me.  I don’t think many people really know what you are doing for them in their lives.  I hope the organization does as it is my belief what you are working for can only take everyone to new success if they want it.  see more

When we started, I felt that I was already a good salesperson. I was doing very well in the organization and saw things for what they were.  The focus being selling and servicing my clients. I have always had drive and a competitive spirit and I think you put it best: “You are good but you can be better”.  I know that is true for me and anyone else out there in the world.  It does not matter if you are the best, you can always be better, as a salesperson and as a human being.  What I don’t think people realize is that when you become a better person you elevate yourself to a new level.This is what I think is the greatest lesson that I am learning.  I am seeing new perspectives that I think will take me to new possibilities in my personal life as well as professional life.

I am seeing and practicing the techniques you have shown me.  Finding the prospects, organizing them, qualifying them, and pursuing them has always been there for me.  What I see is the depth that I am focusing on to make my plan more effective.  Working on the referrals, contacts, and centers of influence to open the doors of abundance for me.  Bringing out the best of my relationship building skills in order to influence that cold call has brought new successes for me.  I have always felt the ability, you are taking that and giving me a gift, a free tuneup that lasts a lifetime.

This last week with you is when I saw the area that I can really develop, the presentation.  I feel I have all the abilities, but what I did see is that I can become more effective in controlling the situation.  Leading the client down the path to a sale is what I enjoy most and your suggestions of looking at each chamber of a sales call hit home with me.  I am excited to bring this art to a new level.  I know having you there to critique me, notice each chamber and to work together has had an impact.

As I look at where I am going and my goals, I know that I am developing myself as the best salesperson I can be and more.  I want to grow and I have seen results from your instruction just in simple things like working with my team and crystallizing for them their goals.  The same thing we have done I believe has resulted in better performance out of my people.  I know that my personal development is going to produce results not only in my sales but also influence others to reach their goals and objectives.

I have gone through many courses but to me, your help you cannot put a price on.  The organization needs a sales mentor focused on the people.  I know you have extended yourself to me, and given the choice to take or leave your knowledge, it is not a question to me.  I truly believe that you have had a great impact on me and I appreciate it.

Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you.


Mark C.BlueCross BlueShield of Ohio


To: High Impact Sales Leadership participants

Hello all,

Congratulations on completing the High Impact Sales Leadership (HISL) training course.  I have no doubt that you found it useful and motivating.  While we are indeed in challenging times when it comes to cost control and investing, I think it’s even more important than ever that Baker Hughes invests in its people; it benefits you and the company. see more

I have a feeling your head is probably overflowing with new ideas.  You covered a lot of material in three days: everything from thoughts and beliefs, to tools and processes.  You identified that not everyone is the same; some of us are better “hunters” while others might excel at understanding financial aspects of opportunities. Knowing what your strengths and areas of improvement are gives you power.

What you do every day is invaluable to this company.  You are sales leaders and as leaders, you have huge responsibilities. Those responsibilities go way beyond performance as an individual – it takes orchestrated teamwork to win consistently.  Being strategic is more important than ever because that’s how you get exceptional results in a difficult market environment.  You have to do the right research, put together the right team, understand your customer’s needs beyond the surface, and build meaningful, trusting relationships.  For you to achieve your goals, which is turn support the company’s goals, this all has to come together.  Putting it all together is a competitive advantage – it’s a core competency.  Why, because it’s not easy to do, nor to replicate by others looking in from the outside.

This past week I was at our North American Leadership team meeting in Houston.  During the meeting I shared with my team members that our focus going forward must be on growing our top line revenue.  We cannot cut our way to health and profitability; we must do it by generating more revenue and margin dollars than our competition.  I also told them one of the means by which we are going to do it is by arming our sales teams with better tools and skills than our competition.  That in conjunction with our relentless focus on flawless execution will separate us from the rest of the pack.

I have high expectations for the 35 of you.  If the Baker Hughes’ goal is to win this war, and Q3 seems to be a battle of its own, I will be looking for you to use what you have learned.  Do it for yourself and each other – embrace interdependence!

During your customer engagements, focus on getting a YES, or get a NO, but don’t settle for a MAYBE.  Leaving a customer meeting with a “maybe” is synonymous with burning time and money – neither of which we can afford to do these days.

On behalf of the entire leadership team, you have our full support to do things differently.  To get stronger results, we need to change how we do things.  Whether it’s a higher level of engagement at the executive level (feel free to invite me to your customer meetings), an adhoc team created to focus on a specific service value combination, or executing your High Payoff Activities (HPAs) in a way that holds you accountable – I am looking for a step change.  Quite frankly, so many others are dependent on your outcomes.

It has been said, “Sales teams always lead the cultural transformations.” I can’t wait to see you in action.


Tom W.President, Baker Hughes Canada


The facilitation of the class was outstanding.  Jerry shared everyone’s course ratings and comments Friday afternoon.  No surprise it received excellent reviews.  Your willingness to share business stories AND personal experience including taking personal risk really helped me process and further accept some of the material.  Below were my key “golden nuggets” from the class. see more

  • This is NOT just a Sales Leadership class, but a personal development course on how to lead an organization and improve your personal life (my family is a guinea pig). I am practicing the techniques as much as possible at and away from work. It leads to a WAY different conversation.
  • Concepts of the different management styles: (Functional Manager, Micro Manager, Hard Line Manager) Good managers migrate in and out of these roles but spend 50+% in more of a leadership role.
    • Develop a few affirmation statements to respond to employee “typical” negative perception (i.e. competition is cheaper and low price wins; We are not a water treatment company, etc.) This will help drive a more PMA towards these areas.
    • What are they for different roles? AVP … My direct reports: 4 Sales Managers; Director of Marketing & FLO Global Business Manager
  • Spend more time Leading vs. Managing. (3 hrs/month mentoring and coaching an individual returns 19% improved performance). Mentoring is a High Payoff Activity!!! Each day great leaders:
    • Communicate a compelling vision – Communicate plan for Operations Department and Marketing Department… Reinforces how it supports DSC’s visions
    • Act as a role model while Mentoring and Coaching team members
    • Culture of responsibility
    • Build Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Success = Goals/Results … Set high expectations
    • Action/Skills … Train skills
    • Thoughts/Beliefs … Leaders focus on Thoughts and Beliefs to drive performance
  • Sales mentoring model
    • 15% of success is based on skills and job knowledge
    • 25% of success is based on comfort zone management; Focus and Goal direction
    • 60% of success is based on tough mental attitudes; confidence and esteem; responsibility and ownership

I need to spend more time interviewing new candidates based on the 60% success criteria (and use the 14 interview questions tool) and work each day to support their team to develop in this category.

Again, the class was a GAME CHANGER.  If all attendees use the skills regularly DCS will be a better place to work. Change does NOT come from the masses…the responsibility for change is not equally distributed.  We are in a position to drive change.

The future looks bright!!!

Ruben D.Area Vice President, Baker Hughes


I wanted to thank you for the impact that 2logical has made on Independent Health.  As the Director of Sales Staff Development and Training, I have been challenged to create a comprehensive training program, that will incorporate all facets of the sales process, ranging from the product training, prospecting, the sales process, creation of a mentoring program, and to change the way our leadership team coaches their team members. see more

I was with Pfizer for over 20 years and was a Senior District Manager for over 17 years.  Pfizer’s training has always been considered the best in the industry.  Most recently over the last 2 years, I was the Director of Sales for BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York.  In the last 22 years, I have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of training programs and outside consultants.  This is the best training program that I have ever participated in.  Independent Health has worked with a number of vendors, but as I was told, the majority of these training companies were not impactful or considered the “flavor of the month.”  It is nice to know that Independent Health has been so impressed with this training, and that for the first time, 2logical is not considered a flavor of the month, but rather a partner that we will working with for years to come.  I have both the Leadership and Sales teams asking when our next Builder Meeting will be.  We also plan to have your organization participate in our corporate kickoff meeting in September, of which our organization has never had an outside vendor attend.  I appreciate the fact that your company tailors the training to the needs of our company, rather than a training program off the shelf.  The trainer’s ability to take the different concepts and relate them to companies he has dealt with throughout the world as well as relate them to Independent Health was incredible.

With the extensive amount of internal training that is being rolled out, by having 2logical involved early in the process has created a culture that has turned the Leadership and Sales team around.  I have seen a change in both attitude as well as the focus on High Payoff Activities.

Thank you so much for the impact that your company has already had on Independent Health, and truly look forward to our continued partnership.  I am a true believer that the best is yet to come for Independent Health, and with your company’s assistance, we will be able to achieve market dominance.

With the challenges that exist in the marketplace today, the training 2logical provides will help differentiate our company from our competitors.


Scott W.Director of Sales Staff Development and Training, Independent Health


It has been my pleasure for the last 12 months to discuss my professional development with you.  Your positive mental attitude, process of focusing on priorities that produce new sales has helped me tremendously.  I have delegated work that used to take me hours to do without generating any new sales.  After 28 years in the life insurance business, it is very easy to get so involved with the service work and not give myself enough time to work the sales process correctly in a timely fashion. see more

Your goal-setting has been super.  It has given me the vision to see that calling, case preparation and seeing people are the only activities I should be doing to grow my business.  You also have instilled in me the importance of referrals and recommendations to others in order for me to maximize my time and profits.  As a result of our meeting, my first year commissions have increased by approximately 30%+.

I fully agree with you that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  In our daily activities, how well we refine our sales skills will determine our success.  As I have developed, more referrals are attracted to me because I listen to each individual’s feelings instead of selling products.  The customer intimacy is very vital to the sales process, and long term client relationships are essential to a successful career in the life insurance business.

I look forward to working with you and I want to thank you for giving me the vision to grow my business with your caring and focused mentoring.


Rick K.Mutual of New York


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