Thank you for all of the time you have spent with me to develop my personal and professional life.  I have learned a great deal about human relations, goal setting and self-accountability throughout my three years of training with you.  You always make each individual feel special and allow us to contribute at each session.

The most important part of our training is the follow up each month.  Just when I believe that we have learned all about the subject of sales, you bring us to a higher level of understanding. I am now sharing the planning portion of our training with my son because I know how important planning, goals and reflection are in our day-to-day lives. Yes, I have made changes in my life because of our training and thank you again for being a mentor to me and in return, I will try to be a good mentor too.

Linda A., Sales Consultant | Medical Mutual of Ohio

Becoming the number one producing agent out of the 500 agents in my region is just one of the many goals I have achieved.  Enhancing my abilities to generate referred leads and develop strong centers of influence in my marketplace has not only enabled me to significantly increase my income, it has enabled me to do so without having to commit any additional hours to work each day. As you have often said, “Working hard is not enough. If you are going to rise to the top of your field and live a balanced life, we must commit to working smart.”

Over the years, I have retained your company’s services many times.  Each time it has inspired me to continue to work hard, while providing me with the knowledge to work smart.  I sincerely appreciate the support you have given through the years and the friendship that has grown.  I look forward to the years ahead with positive expectancy.

John B., Account Agent | Allstate

The four corners of this letter cannot begin to express or adequately preserve for future corporate consideration, this office’s gratitude, and this author’s sincere thanks, for your invaluable sales insight and assistance these past many months. From your initial training for the ninety percent of our staff who in their BCBSO history have never profited from such instruction, to your Self-Leadership instruction to assist this staff in trying to realize their individual potential, each attendee has directly benefited.  Statistically the facts reveal that those that have had this training, have profited from your instruction, in that they appear to feel better about themselves and they are staying more attentive to the tasks at hand.

I consider myself a very goal-oriented, focused regional Vice President.  Regular hands-on accountability and regular staff meetings keep my nose to that grind stone.  With your help, in less than one-quarter (three months) you have helped me overcome a forty (40%) percent reduction in force, reshape local administration, and structure a new sales staff to help that focus.  However, I must admit, the every day administrative demands of my time, from personnel issues, to budget matters, VIP entertaining, corporate staff and planning meetings, as well as social demands tend to obscure a regional executive’s vision.  Is it the forest or the trees? Your monthly individual assistance, periodic phone calls and correspondence help me to see not just the forest or the trees, but the saplings worth nourishing, the need for pruning, and even the dead wood. 2logical and BCBSO’s professional tandem, hand-in-glove, association must be a continuing, on-going relationship.  Your monthly counsel, and courses of instruction are an absolute necessity. As you have been in our midst over the past number of months, you have gained an acute appreciation of our staff general needs, individual sales staff members short and long suits, as well the competitive market of Southwestern Ohio.  The Southwestern Ohio market is a health and life insurer’s war-zone.  In Southwestern Ohio, BCBSO’s goal is a mission, and with your continued help, I know this crusade will be successful, and our goals will be accomplished this year, next year, and for the long run.

I see 2logical and BCBSO’s relationship as a partnership in that long run.  I see you and me as key players in this relation that will be an example to our respective superiors. Personally and on the behalf of the Southwestern Ohio BCBSO staff, thanks so much for your guidance, direction, and expertise.  Let the relationship continue! Let both 2logical and BCBSO corporately profit from that relationship year after year.

William T., VP of Sales and Customer Relations | BlueCross BlueShield of Ohio