Motivation Intelligence (MQ) has rapidly emerged as our most advanced understanding of why we, as human beings, act and react the way that we do. Motivational Intelligence has proven to be the critical difference between those who succeed and those who struggle. The research supporting the influence of Motivational Intelligence has already won a Nobel prize and been called one of the most significant scientific advancements of the 21st century.

“2logical is proud to be the pioneer and world’s leader in Motivational Intelligence based training systems. With special thanks to our clients and partners throughout the world, this is 2logical’s third consecutive year to receive this prestigious designation. We are both humbled and thankful for this World Wide Recognition” - states Joe Gianni, 2logical’s CEO/President.

2logical’s training solutions are fueled by the most cutting-edge insights in neuroscience, cognitive psychology and 30+ years of unprecedented client results. Focusing on easy-to-use tools and techniques, 2logical teaches leaders how to increase the Motivational Intelligence of their teams to deliver improvements in employee mental health, performance, engagement and retention.

About 2logical: As a top 20 global development firm, 2logical has invested three decades, helping organizations successfully navigate through both good and challenging times. Fostered by the specialized knowledge and process needed to infuse motivational intelligence training into any organization, 2logical has become the recognized expert in the people-side of business.

Profiled in Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Training Magazine, CLO Magazine, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and INC. Magazine, 2logical has been retained by organizations in more than 95 countries and across every industry vertical to solve organizational issues and better engage their human talent.