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Leadership Training with Powerful Results

For more than two decades, the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies have sought out 2logical’s transformative leadership and management training to leverage their most valuable asset: their people.

2logical’s approach consistently and systematically creates peak-performing employees — Results Capable™ employees who can achieve at the superior levels required for the ongoing success of your organization.


To compete effectively in today’s economic climate, companies need people who are highly motivated, extremely adaptable, creative thinkers who can shift on a dime and execute ever-changing business strategies. However, neither the formal education system nor the traditional approaches to employee development are capable of closing the gaps between employees’ unrealized potential and the mindset that prevents them from succeeding.

2logical has designed, created and implemented training systems that impact participants on two critical levels: mindset/beliefs and fundamental skills. This unique, proprietary approach to workforce development has delivered unprecedented results consistently across all industries.

2logical’s approach addresses the questions that plague corporations around the globe:

  • Why do some employees seem to embrace change, adapt and thrive in today’s dynamic work environment?
  • Why do other employees seem indifferent and unconcerned with the outcome?
  • Why do some employees possess a heightened level of confidence that allows them to thrive?
  • Why are corporate leaders constantly bombarded with a litany of excuses and rationalizations regarding why things can’t get done?
  • Why do some employees seek out, embrace and master whatever skills are required for them to succeed?

Whether you are looking to rescue your organization from a failed merger, turn a money-losing call center into a top profit earner, or dramatically increase sales over the next year, 2logical is capable of helping you achieve Revolutionary Results™.

“This is the best training I have been a part of in 17 years at Accenture and Bank of America.”
Executive, Bank of America
“In 26 years with Pfizer, I have never participated in a program that has as profoundly changed my perspective on my role, my responsibilities and my ability to positively impact my team.”
Executive, Pfizer
“This has been perhaps the most influential experience in my life. In its totality and specific nature, I know it will help propel me and my team to the very things I have believed we could do but was uncertain how to execute.”
Executive, Procter & Gamble
“This was the best training I have ever taken in my 28 years with HSBC. It opened my eyes and motivated me to look inside and see who I really am, which in turn made me realize how I can improve.”
Executive, HSBC
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A Logical Process

Over the course of more than two decades of working with many of the largest corporations in the world, we have been afforded a unique opportunity to witness firsthand what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to developing a peak-performing team. We have discovered that there are three overriding, universal, fundamental laws that make employee development work:

Development Law #1: In the battlefield of the human mind, self-limiting beliefs always defeat the adoption of new skills.

Each and every year corporations invest billions of dollars and countless hours identifying and attempting to close employee skill gaps. Yet with all this money and effort, far too many employees never truly master the skills associated with their respective roles.

Why not? If we tell employees what to do, if we teach them the related skills and best practices for doing it, and they still don’t execute at the level we would like, what holds them back? The simple answer is this: Optimal beliefs drive the willingness to embrace new skills and adopt more productive behaviors. The only way to close skill gaps is to first close the belief gaps.

Development Law #2: Proactive and adaptable employees only come as a result of a proactive and adaptable development process.

At best, closing yesterday’s skill gaps fixes yesterday’s problems. It does not develop the type of nimble, adaptable employees required to compete effectively in today’s dynamic work environment. To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, organizations must have a workforce that is entrepreneurial in natureā€¦ motivated, confident and highly adaptable.

Development Law #3: Culture always defeats strategy.

The greatest strategy in the world is worthless unless the culture of the organization supports it. Fractured and dysfunctional corporate cultures insidiously undermine corporate initiatives and confine organizations to mediocrity. The only way an organization can fix this issue is through effective enterprise learning initiatives specifically designed to create, shape, refine and sustain a winning corporate culture.

Today’s peak performers take ownership; they believe in themselves and their ability to achieve. They don’t fold under the slightest resistance, they are not confined by comfort zones and self-limiting beliefs, and most importantly, they can adapt in the moment to whatever is required.

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Revolutionary Results

For more than two decades the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies have sought out 2logical’s expertise to leverage their most valuable asset: their people.

Whether you are looking to rescue your organization from a failed merger, turn a money-losing call center into a top profit earner, dramatically increase sales over the next year or something equally ambitious, 2logical is capable of helping you achieve Revolutionary Results.

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