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Anthony Lue: Promise, Paralysis and The Olympic Mentality

Let us introduce you to Anthony Lue.

By the time he was 14 years old, Anthony Lue was one of the top hurdlers and baseball players in the Canada.  After losing his way, Anthony landed an automotive apprenticeship.  And 11 months into his apprenticeship, his unthinkable accident happened - paralyzing him from the waist down.

Today, he is pursuing his lifelong Olympic dream as a 2021 Tokyo Paralympic hopeful in the sport of handcycling.

Anthony speaks at a variety of schools, corporate events, and on television and radio, as well as being an ambassador for 2 of Canada’s largest accessibility trade shows: The People in Motion show and the Abilities Expo. He shares with his audiences how they too can persevere and succeed against all odds.

In this episode we talk about Anthony’s budding athletic career, where things went wrong, the accident that changed his life, the mentality he’s used to train for the 2021 Paralympics, and a whole bunch more.  

For inspiration and sponsorship opportunities, check him out at and on Instagram @Anthony.lue

Please enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Anthony Lue.

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