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Ryan Hawley: How to Use Servant Leadership to Advance Your Career

In this conversation, Dave Naylor and Sean Johnson interview Ryan Hawley. Ryan Hawley is Assistant Vice President, Regional Manager at Lincoln Financial Group. In his role, he oversees distribution of Group Protection Solutions to help provide employees and their families with financial well-being and peace of mind, providing benefits when they need them the most. His team of Senior Account Executives are dedicated to customer retention and expanding Lincoln Financial Group presence with employer groups of all sizes. His mission is simple: To make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

For the past 18 years Ryan has served as a leader in the non-medical insurance industry with an operations background. He joined Lincoln Financial Group in 2008 and has served in various roles over the past 12 years. Ryan has served as senior account executive, sales manager, and executive leader. He brings additional knowledge and experience in various industries including outsourcing solution business development, real estate portfolio operations and enterprise system consulting. Ryan graduated from the Haworth College of Business at Western Michigan University with a B.B.A degree in business administration and management. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife Holly and daughter Grace. They enjoy skiing (water and snow), golfing and hiking together.

Ryan’s remarkably positive approach to leadership and way of life both professional and personally will inspire you to be better. Check out Episode 37: Ryan Hawley: How to Use Servant Leadership to Advance your Career

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