Diversity & Inclusion with Motivational Intelligence

In today’s work environment, building a culture of diversity and inclusion is necessary and a competitive advantage. Diverse cultures bring a wide variety of ideas and perspectives together; inclusive cultures ensure everyone’s voices are heard and respected.

In the end, they lead to better ideas and healthier culture. The challenge for leaders who are looking to improve diversity and inclusion is changing the current culture - what their group of people currently believes. In this program, participants will undergo a transformative experience in which they change their thoughts about themselves and the people they work with.

Our Diversity and Inclusion with Motivational Intelligence Course is a winner of Find Courses Top 10 Most Popular HR and Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Courses in 2022 and 2023.

Important topics covered:

An enhanced ability to recognize and overcome both conscious and unconscious bias in the recruiting process and in the workplace
A fundamental understanding of how to bring out the best efforts of every member of the team
Enhanced ability to break down interpersonal barriers, build trust and create a robust and cohesive team culture
Tools and strategies to improve conversations, foster understanding and encourage proactive collaboration across the team

The Impact Motivational Intelligence has on Individuals and organizations

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