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Leading with Motivational Intelligence

The 6 session course will be held on the dates below, All sessions begin promptly from 9:30am - 12:00pm EST: January 29, February 3, February 5, February 10, February 12, AND February 17.

Great leaders see the influence of motivation and culture across their team every single day. They see it in how open or close-minded their people are, they see it if there is discretionary effort or not, they see it every time they are looking to move the team in a new direction – whether there is buy-in or resistance. Yet, while they recognize the incredible impact of motivation, they all too frequently struggle with one fundamental question – How can I positively impact the motivation of my team?

2logical has specializes in leveraging cutting-edge psychology to develop executive talent within the most iconic companies around the globe by implementing two levels of communication and development: Management (skills, best practices, activities) and Leadership (thoughts, beliefs, performance mindset)


The 4 session course will be held on the dates below, All sessions begin promptly from 1:00pm - 3:00pm EST: January 29, February 3, February 5, AND February 10

What differentiates those who rise to the top of their profession? Whether it’s a super star athlete, an actress/actor, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Musicians – those who clearly and distinctly separate themselves from the masses to achieve greatness; legendary and iconic standards. It is a Mindset. A collection of Beliefs steeped in Success Principles that enables them to stay consistent, overcome challenges, blast through mental barriers, and rise to the very top.

Self-Leadership is a world class caliber Motivational Intelligence development program that specifically focuses on introducing and instilling the Core Beliefs that drive an individual to peak performance – no matter their role. The same program that has been facilitated within the best trained companies in the world – Pfizer, P&G, Bank of America, NEC and countless other iconic companies – is now delivered in a virtual, self-paced format for all to experience.