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Leading with Motivational Intelligence - The DNA of a Growth Mindset

This award-winning course leverages Nobel prize research and the latest advancements in cognitive psychology to impart the most powerful insights about us, as human beings. It’s about what unlocks us, what opens up our mind and what allows us to achieve and accomplish more. It is Motivational Intelligence (MQ).

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Self-Leadership - Developing your Motivational Intelligence

This award-winning course is built upon the most recent advancements in our understandings about us, as human beings. This course unlocks your potential and puts you on the proven pathway to building the professional and personal life you desire.

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Mastering the Art of Recruiting through Motivational Intelligence

This proven process is used by industry leaders to consistently identify candidates who have the highest likelihood of success. The course is specifically designed to help participants overcome the challenges inherent in the recruiting process and learn the tools used by the world most successful recruiters.

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