Leading with Motivational Intelligence 2: Taking your MQ to the Next Level

Perhaps the single most overlooked skill set of being a leader is coaching and mentoring.Somehow the ever-present fires, meetings and management tasks always seem to take precedence over people development and building bench strength on a team. It’s not that leaders feel that developing talent is unimportant. Instead, it is the one skill set that is typically outside their comfort zones. Thus it constantly gets shuffled to the back burner.Unfortunately, this critical gap creates a multitude of organizational challenges. The vast majority of employee-related issues have a coaching and mentoring component. Effective coaching and mentoring have been proven to:

• Decrease employee turnover
• Increase employee engagement
• Increase the effectiveness and impact of the skill-based offered by the organization  
• Increase employee adaptability and resilience
• Increase speed to performance of new employees

“Thank you again for facilitating the training so effectively. The preparation you did really paid off and of course, your presentation style makes all the difference.  You kept us totally engaged for the entire day and a half. Everyone was truly moved both professionally and personally, and all said they feel better prepared to attain success this year and in the future." – Sean T., Senior Vice President

Important Topics covered in this course

Assess Performance Barriers: Leaders learn to swiftly identify performance barriers hindering employee growth and productivity.
Prioritize Developmental Needs: They gain the ability to prioritize developmental needs, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently to maximize impact.
Increase Employee MQ: By fostering a growth mindset and enhancing motivational intelligence, leaders empower their team members to excel and overcome obstacles.
Customized Approach: Leaders develop a personalized coaching approach tailored to the unique strengths and challenges of each team member, optimizing engagement and performance.
Impactful Coaching Conversations: They learn techniques to conduct impactful coaching and mentoring conversations that inspire and motivate their team towards success.
Foster Accountability:Through effective coaching, leaders instill a sense of accountability among team members, driving meaningful change and continuous improvement.
Cultivate a Culture of Improvement: By implementing this process, leaders cultivate a team culture centered around continual improvement, driving organizational success.

Leaders across various industries and organizational levels have successfully implemented this process, achieving tangible results such as improved succession planning, accelerated development of high-potential employees, faster onboarding of new hires, and reduced turnover among key personnel. Whether the goal is to enhance leadership effectiveness, foster employee growth, or mitigate talent attrition, "Leading with Motivational Intelligence™ 2: Taking Your MQ to the Next Level" offers valuable insights and strategies to drive meaningful change and achieve sustainable success.

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The Influence of Motivational Intelligence on Individuals and Organizations

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