Mastery of the Art of Sales

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Leading a sales team to success requires a unique set of skills. To build consistent performance across a sales team, a leader must be adept at guiding salespeople through the minefield of self-doubts that inhibit performance while simultaneously coaching the critical sales skills that drive closed deals. Most sales managers will struggle with one, if not both, of these vital capabilities. Our proven process uses Motivational Intelligence to help new and seasoned sales managers better understand the highest payoff activities of their role and the best practices for bringing out optimal sales performance in every team member.

This has been the most informative course about selling, leading and managing that I have ever attended. I am motivated to be a leader, and in the future I will review my notes and develop myself further.
Brent B.
This class and how John presented this material has already made me stop and think about how to become a better leader. I'm looking forward to this journey. I know anything worth getting is worth the hard work.
James K.
I learned a lot of tactics and concepts but the biggest thing that will help establish a framework for creating a successful culture, is the common traits of peak performers. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this course.
Sean J.

Key Benefits Gained from this Course

Enhancing Sales Team Retention and Coaching Skills: This course provides insights and tools for improving sales team retention, as well as honing sales coaching and mentoring skills to support ongoing professional development.
Change Management and Sales Process Adoption: Attendees will gain insights and strategies for improved change management, facilitating the adoption of sales processes, tools, and strategies for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.
Guiding Salespeople Beyond Comfort Zones: Equips participants with the skills to guide salespeople past limiting comfort zones, fears, self-doubts, and barriers that hinder sales performance, enabling them to unlock their full potential.
Boosting Sales Team Engagement and Empowerment: Attendees will learn techniques to improve sales team engagement and empowerment, fostering a dynamic and motivated sales force.
Sales Force Organizational Development: Participants will acquire strategies for enhancing sales force organizational development, ensuring alignment with company goals and objectives.
Building Trust and Fostering Loyalty: Participants will develop a significantly enhanced ability to build trust, inspire loyalty, and cultivate a strong team culture within their sales organization.
Talent Management and Succession Planning: Attendees will enhance their ability to manage sales team talent effectively and develop robust succession planning strategies to ensure  long-term success.

Simple to use tools

Through this process, sales managers learn simple-to-use tools, best practices and insights that will help them to adapt to the needs of each member of their team.

Developing Talent

How to identify the candidates who have the highest likelihood of succeeding on the team

How to attract top talent and set the right expectations from day one

Developing and reinforcing Motivational Intelligence (MQ)

Helping salespeople to let go of excuses, blame and rationalization for substandard performance

Defining and teaching the skill-sets that most strongly correlate with sales performance

Establishing an ongoing coaching process that reinforces critical skills

Engaging Talent

Fostering a high-performance sales team culture

Gaining buy-in and commitment to a sales vision, goals and strategic objectives

Keeping a team positive and open-minded when facing adversities and challenges

Understanding how to help salespeople tap into their personal motivational drivers

Building a reward and recognition system that inspires ever-increasing performance

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