Increasing Personal Motivational Intelligence

Everybody wants more of something. They may desire greater career success or stronger personal relationships. Perhaps they want to improve their financial status or create greater physical well-being. Maybe they are looking for peace of mind and more stability in their life. The challenge for most, however, is they don’t know how to get more. They don’t know how to unlock the potential that exists within them and leverage it to build the life they desire.

This Program is an insightful conversation about “what holds people back in life” and the simple tools a person can use to let go of negative thinking and limiting beliefs that cause this.

For over 25 years, this has been proven to increase a person’s Motivational Intelligence (MQ) and help participants develop a growth mindset. It is a process that has been named as one of the top ten scientific discoveries of the 20th century. This course can be used as:

  • As a stand-alone program to help employees breakthrough performance barriers

  • To assist new employees in coming up to speed faster

  • To increase employee engagement

  • As the foundation for a high functioning team culture

Important topics covered in this course

Fostering Confidence, Efficacy, and Esteem: Techniques for nurturing confidence, self-efficacy, and self-esteem among employees to empower them to excel in their roles and contribute positively to the organization.
Mastering Fear and Comfort Zones: Strategies to help individuals overcome fear and break free from comfort zones, enabling them to embrace challenges, take risks, and pursue growth opportunities.
Developing Initiative, Self-Reliance, and Adaptability: Insights on cultivating initiative, self-reliance, and adaptability in employees, fostering a proactive mindset and resilience in the face of change.
Improving Employee Retention, Engagement, and Empowerment: Approaches to enhance employee retention, engagement, and empowerment through effective leadership, communication, and recognition strategies.
Enhancing Change Management and Conflict Management: Techniques for improving change management processes and resolving conflicts constructively within teams and across departments, promoting collaboration and synergy.
Employee Development, Coaching, and Mentoring: Strategies for enhancing employee development through coaching and mentoring initiatives, leveraging motivational intelligence (MQ) to guide individuals towards personal and professional growth.
Shaping a Culture of Success: Methods for shaping a culture of success within the organization, fostering a supportive and high-performing environment where individuals thrive and contribute to collective achievements.

As a standalone program, this course offers valuable tools and insights to help employees overcome performance barriers, accelerate their onboarding process, and enhance engagement. Additionally, it serves as a foundation for cultivating a high-functioning team culture centered around personal accountability, growth mindset, and mutual support.

The Influence of Motivational Intelligence on Individuals and Organizations

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"As soon as I walked out the door on the 2nd day of training, I immediately began to develop a plan in my mind of the changes I wanted to make in my professional and personal life in order to implement what I had learned. I  want to be a better person and get rid of the old, negative and definitely unhealthy perceptions and beliefs that are guiding my life and start to develop new beliefs that will make me a better person, better employee, but also a better mentor to those around me ."

Shannon S.

Past Course Attendee