Self-Leadership – Increasing Personal Motivational Intelligence

Self-Leadership – Increasing Personal Motivational IntelligenceTM is an award-winning course built upon the most recent advancements in our understanding of ourselves as human beings.

Our Self-Leadership, Increasing  Personal Motivational Intelligence Course is a winner of Find Courses op 10 Most Popular Courses for Coaching

This course unlocks potential and puts people on the proven pathway to building the professional and personal life they desire.

Based upon the most recent advancements in our understanding of ourselves as human beings. Everybody wants more of something. They may desire greater career success or stronger personal relationships. Perhaps they want to improve their financial status or create greater physical well-being.  Maybe they are looking for peace of mind and more stability in their life.

The challenge for most, however, is they don’t know how to get more. They never learned how to unlock the potential that exists within them and leverage it to build the life they desire.

The Self-Leadership course is an insightful conversation about what holds people back in life and the simple tools a person can use to let go of negative thinking and limiting beliefs.  It is based on Nobel Prize-winning research and the most recent discoveries in cognitive science.

This process has been proven to increase a person’s Motivational Intelligence (MQ) and help them develop a growth mindset.  It is a process named one of the top ten scientific discoveries of the 20th century.

The Self-Leadership Course imparts
these Performance Enhancers:

Higher levels of initiative
and engagement
The ability to overcome fears, self-doubts and limiting comfort zones
Increased ownership and personal responsibility
Open-mindedness and desire to learn, grow and adapt
Increased resilience and ability to overcome adversities

As a stand-alone program, Self-Leadership – Increasing Personal Motivational Intelligence (MQ) can help employees break down performance barriers, assist new employees, get them up to speed faster, and increase employee engagement. It can also be used as the foundation for high-functioning team culture.

What Past Participants Say...

I just wish it could have been more sessions! There was so much great material we covered. My greatest takeaway is that when I am given a situation that is not ideal, to look at it and use it to grow. I am looking forward to taking more courses! Dave was great!

David B.

If you are wondering if you should take this coure, just do it! The benefits linger a long time and apply to your full life - for a “complete game”! The timing was perfect for me to look at self dealership personally versus through the eyes of a company. Thank you for the opportunity!

Barb F.

This course is great for anyone who is new to leadership! It gives deep insight and excellent reminders on how your brain works and how you can control your mindset to lead yourself down the path you want in life. Great job - keep it up!

Emily T.

Wow! It's amazing how eye opening simple elements can be when we break them down into viewing postives over the negatives. This course makes you think at a higher level! Thank you!

Kelly M.

Unlinke most training, 2logical's approach is far simpler. But from that simplicity comes  efficienty and versatility that is unmatched. It's like they've stripped away the propiertary "systems" and are left with something that just works!

Evan K.

Personal & professional enrichment. Great "recharge" both independently and interdependently as a team. It was also a great team building opportunity that bridged the gap and united us as a whole.

Amanda B.

Meet Your Session Leader, David Naylor
David Naylor is the Executive Vice President of Learning and Development at 2logical. David has helped more than 37,000 leaders on six continents and in more than 90 countries – to adjust, adapt, and drive in turbulent times.

His expertise has been leveraged by over 40% of the Fortune 500 – companies such as Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, Bank of America, GE, and many others have all benefited from his insights. As an expert in helping companies and leaders adapt rapidly in dynamic times, David’s expertise has been sought out by Harvard Business Review, Forbes, CLO magazine, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, Training Magazine, and more!

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