Fail Frequently, Fast and Forward

What if the one thing you avoided most, something you dreaded and feared, was the most important part of succeeding?

Most people hate the very idea of failure. They loathe thinking of themselves as coming up short, missing the mark and not succeeding. For many, just the possibility of failure is enough to convince themselves that it is not even worth trying. Isn’t always better to set the bar low, keep expectations in check and minimize the risk?

Playing it safe is a great strategy if your job requires defusing bombs or doing neurosurgery. Yet for most, the negative ramifications of failure are relatively minor. After all, wouldn’t you be willing to fall down, skin your knee and screw something up if you knew for certain that you would succeed in the end?

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4 Steps for Finding the Courage to Conquer Your Fears

What if I do this and it doesn’t turn out right? What if I screw this up? What if I mess up this sales call? What if I forget what I’m going to say in this big presentation? What if I embrace this new strategy and it doesn’t work? What if I make a fool out of myself? What if this new change in the way we are doing things means something bad for me?

“What if?” Perhaps the scariest question for many people.

They consider the possible negative outcomes. Will they feel stupid? Will they look foolish in front of their peers? Will their boss yell at them? Will they get fired? All of these are unknowns. Unknowns inspire the emotion of fear. Fear paralyzes people.

Everyone experiences fear. It is an innate emotion woven into our DNA that helps us respond to danger and protect ourselves. It is a self-defense mechanism that has evolved over thousands of years to protect the survival of the species.

While fear protected our ancestors and helped them cope with the challenges of a danger laden environment, it doesn’t serve near as noble a purpose in modern day society. Far too frequently, fear and the anxiety that tags along with it, just keeps people from taking a risk, trying something new and potentially reaping the benefits of doing so.

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What’s Luck Got to Do With It?

When you take the time to consider all of the common phrases that exist in the English language containing a reference to the work “luck”, it is little wonder that so many people possess such an overriding belief in its mystical powers.  In fact, most of us would be hard pressed to go through the day without someone making reference to the word, luck.  Each time we hear it, we nod our head and subconsciously buy-in to the all fire trap of thinking that success and luck go hand-in-hand.

When good fortune comes, we are said to be in luck.  When the bad times befall us, our luck has run out.  If lady luck smiles, good times are ahead.  If she turns her back, we might as well stay in bed because nothing is going to go right.

Society does a masterful job convincing people that the key to having the life of their dreams is all about being lucky.  While certainly luck does exist, after all people do win the lottery. A game of pure chance where there is absolutely no skill involved.  It is purely random luck.  However, the simple fact remains, most lottery winners, while lucky, will inevitably go broke.  So it would seem they are unlucky when comes to holding on to their lottery winnings.

But what about success?  What about achieving one’s goals and ambitions?  Is that like the lottery? A game of pure chance where skill, effort, determination and perseverance have absolutely no bearing.

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Want to Succeed in Life? Start Thinking Like a Two Year Old

People aren’t born to fail. Both science and our own experience has proven this to be true.

At the time each of us came into the world, we were born with everything that we would need to build an incredible life for ourselves. It was handed to us, gifted to us innately, woven into our DNA.

Many will doubt these words. They will point to all those who struggle. Those who have lived a life of unfulfilled dreams. They will cite example after example of people who have strived yet come up short, given up and settled. Certainly there is no shortage of people with dashed hopes, broken dreams and shattered souls.

Yet not one of us started out this way. We came into life full of promise, energized by the opportunities and relentlessly willing to do whatever was necessary to fulfill our greatest desires. We came into life with everything we needed to succeed.

Just think of a child, prior to the age of two. Consider their perspective, the mindset with which they move. It is the mindset of a person who possesses everything they need to succeed. Still uncertain about the validity of that statement?

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