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Recruiting for Motivational Intelligence

One bad hire can quickly become a distracting nightmare. In the interviewing process, it can often be challenging to tell which type of employee you will get. At times, recruiting can seem like more of a game of chance than one of skill. However, it doesn’t have to be. The most important thing to look for in recruiting candidates is a higher level of Motivational Intelligence. Higher MQ is the single most significant determinant of an individual’s likelihood of success. Candidates with higher MQ will excel in five critical areas.  

A proven process used by Industry Leaders. Topics covered:

Becoming a Better Listener: Master the art of active listening to truly understand candidates' motivations, experiences, and potential contributions.
Structuring a Winning Interview: Learn how to design interview frameworks that elicit meaningful responses, evaluate competencies effectively, and make informed hiring decisions.
Attracting the Best Candidates: Explore innovative techniques to attract top-tier talent, from crafting compelling job descriptions to leveraging networking and employer branding strategies.
Understanding Precisely What to Look For in People: Develop a keen eye for identifying traits, skills, and cultural fit that align with organizational goals and values.
Knowing the Right Questions to Ask: Hone your ability to pose insightful and relevant questions that uncover candidates' abilities, experiences, and potential for success within your organization.
Overcoming Bias and Blind Spots in Recruiting: Address unconscious biases and mitigate the impact of personal preferences or preconceptions to ensure fair and objective evaluation of candidates.

Delve into key strategies employed by renowned organizations such as Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, GE, Bank of America, and more to consistently identify candidates with the highest likelihood of success. Participants are equipped with invaluable insights and tools to navigate the complexities of the recruiting process effectively.

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The Influence of Motivational Intelligence on Individuals and Organizations

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