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Each program is completely customizable to your organizational needs and delivery requirements.

Leading with Motivation Intelligence (Mq)

IN A WORLD WROUGHT WITH DISRUPTION, UNCERTAINTY AND TURBULENCE, A NEW LEVEL OF LEADERSHIP IS REQUIRED. Today, leaders must understand how to engage virtual teams, foster collaboration by partnering across the organization and most importantly, help people to adapt, grow and innovate in a highly dynamic work environment. To accomplish these mission critical objectives, today’s leaders must possess a higher-level insight of human nature. They need to understand what holds people back, what slows the adoption of change and, exactly what they need to do as leaders to unshackle human potential.

Executive Diploma: LWMQ

The Leading with Motivational Intelligence (MQ) Executive Course is the world’s first accredited diploma program specifically designed to help leaders adapt to today’s dynamic business environment. Focusing on the issues and challenges created by disruption and turbulence, the course addresses topics ranging from leading/managing virtual teams to helping employees more readily orient to an ever-changing world.

Self-Leadership: Increasing Personal Motivational Intelligence (Mq)

BUILT UPON THE MOST RECENT ADVANCEMENTS IN OUR UNDERSTANDINGS ABOUT US, AS HUMAN BEING. Everybody wants more of something.  They may desire greater career success or stronger personal relationships.  Perhaps they want to improve their financial status or create greater physical well-being.  Maybe they are looking for peace of mind and more stability in their life.  The challenge for most, however, is they don’t know how to get more.  They don’t know how to unlock the potential that exists within them and leverage it to build the life they desire.


One bad hire can quickly become a distracting nightmare. In the interviewing process it can oftentimes be exceptionally difficult to tell which type of employee you’re going to get. As such, at times recruiting can seem like more of a game of chance than one of skill.


Is it comprehensive product knowledge, impeccable sales skills or the ability to build great relationships?  Perhaps, it is something even more fundamental that ultimately causes a person to gain the knowledge, develop the skills and build the relationships.


PERHAPS THE SINGLE MOST OVERLOOKED SKILLSET OF BEING A LEADER IS COACHING AND MENTORING. Somehow the ever-present fires, meetings and management tasks always see to take precedence over people development and building bench strength on a team.  It’s not that leaders feel that developing talent is unimportant.  Rather, it is the one skillset that is typically the most outside of their comfort zones, thus it constantly gets shuffled to the back burner.


LEADING A SALES TEAM TO SUCCESS REQUIRES A UNIQUE SET OF SKILLS. Leading a sales team to success requires a unique set of skills. To build consistent performance across a sales team, a leader must be adept at guiding salespeople through the mine field of self-doubts that inhibit performance while simultaneously coaching the critical sales skills that drive closed deals. The vast majority of sales managers will struggle with one of, if not both, of these critical capabilities.

Self Leadership Online: The Motivational Intelligence Online Course

What differentiates those who rise to the top of their profession? Whether it’s a super star athlete, an actress/actor, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Musicians – those who clearly and distinctly separate themselves from the masses to achieve greatness; legendary and iconic standards. It is a Mindset. A collection of Beliefs steeped in Success Principles that enables them to stay consistent, overcome challenges, blast through mental barriers, and rise to the very top.

Self-Leadership is a world class caliber Motivational Intelligence development program that specifically focuses on introducing and instilling the Core Beliefs that drive an individual to peak performance – no matter their role. The same program that has been facilitated within the best trained companies in the world – Pfizer, P&G, Bank of America, NEC and countless other iconic companies – is now delivered in a virtual, self-paced format for all to experience.

Momentum Meetings

2logical’s Momentum Meetings are "lightning in a digital box" to help leaders sustain the ongoing development of their team. Moving people past the things that mentally stall them out. Propelling people forward on a trajectory toward success.

Helping them to let go of the excuses, the self-doubts, the negative attitudes, and the fears that kill momentum and limit careers. Bundle of 5 meetings, each with a full video-based presentation, leader’s guide and employee workbook.

mojo® — Interactive Individual and Team Learning App

Everyone knows that IQ is no guarantee of success. But we also know that EQ is no guarantee of success either. With high levels of both, people still often don’t do the things they’re supposed to do and know will make them successful. To understand why, we must explore the oldest part of the human brain.
Mojo is an interactive digital coaching app for individual and leaders designed to increase the 3rd and most important category of intelligence, motivational intelligence. This on-demand mobile app finally unveils what really drives our behavior, and the 5 critical skills needed to unlock human potential, take control of our lives, and master the ability to unlock oneself and others to do the things we need to do in order to succeed!

2logical Certifications


Choose a Course! 2logical offers certifications in the following courses. Click below to learn more about each specific course.


Experience the Program as a Participant. We recommended that you begin your certification by conducting an internal pilot class for your employees and your trainer(s) that are looking to be certified. This provides the advantage to form a "mastermind" comprised of your organization and 2logical dedicated to implementing MQ training. It also allows 2logical to begin the due-diligence and customization for your organization. This program will be customized specifically for your audience! We will then launch the Train-the-Trainer Process: After the completion of the class above, your 2logical Master Trainer will review the Train-the-Trainer Kit, discuss the evaluation criteria, and set the certification schedule and expectations.


First Certification Workshop. The trainer(s) being certified by 2logical’s Master Trainer will attend a two 4-hour group coaching/mentoring in person or via Zoom/Skype meetings. Your trainer(s) will be learning and teaching back the first half of the program in this step. We recommend that you complete this within 30 days after Step Two. Investment: Included in certification


Second Certification Workshop. The trainer(s) being certified by 2logical’s Master Trainer will attend a two 4-hour group coaching/mentoring in person or via Zoom/Skype meetings. Your trainer(s) will be learning and teaching back the second half of the program in this step. We recommend that you complete this within 15-30 days after Step Three. Investment: Included in certification


Co-Facilitate a 2nd Program with Your 2logical Master Trainer. Your trainer(s) and a 2logical Master Trainer will jointly conduct a class for your target audience. We recommend you complete this step within 30 days after step Four.


You are now a Certified 2logical Trainer! As a Certified 2logical Trainer, you're able to deliver unique, world-renown programs that participants say helps them not only improve their performance at work, but improves their relationships, health and well-being at home.  So congratulations - you're ready to start changing some lives!