2logical Certifications

2logical certifies Trainers to facilitate Motivational Intelligence programs; tailored for their organization and employees at any level or function.

2logical’s train-the-trainer certification programs are ideal for organizations who are looking to leverage their internal resources to implement 2logical’s Motivational Intelligence (MQ) based programs. Through the certification process, 2logical’s Master Trainers will work with your team to:

  • Customize the content and materials specifically for your organization's unique needs
  • Assure knowledge transfer and a high-level of expertise in delivering the course
  • Coach and mentor your trainers to become even more powerful communicators
Start Your Certification NOW!

Chose from one of our Certification Program Courses:

Experience the Program as a Participant

We recommend that you begin your certification by expereincing the course. This can be done in one of two ways:

Certification Program Launch - Virtual Meeting

  • Review program materials
  • Establish certification expectations and timeline for certification
  • Overview and explanation of program modules
  • Q&A session with your 2logical Master Trainer
  • Discuss optimal methods of learning the program

Teach-back Sessions – Virtual Teach Back and Coaching Meetings

Each 2logical program is designed in a modular format (from course to course, the number of modules will vary depending on the length of the program).  This makes the learning and certification process easier for the people being certified.  Each Virtual Teach Back and Coaching Meeting will include:

Certification Sign-off Virtual Meeting

After successfully teaching back each module of the course, your 2logical Master Trainer will sign-off on your certification and you will be fully certified to teach the course.

STEP SIX: Congrats!
You are now a Certified 2logical Trainer!

You are now a Certified 2logical Trainer! As a Certified 2logical Trainer, you're able to deliver award winning, world-renowned programs that will have a significant positive impact on both participants and the organization as a whole.  So congratulations - you're ready to start changing some lives!