Diversity & Inclusion
with Motivational Intelligence

In today’s work environment, building a culture of diversity and inclusion is necessary and a competitive advantage. Diverse cultures bring a wide variety of ideas and perspectives together; inclusive cultures ensure everyone’s voices are heard and respected.

In the end, they lead to better ideas and healthier culture. The challenge for leaders who are looking to improve diversity and inclusion is changing the current culture - what their group of people currently believes. In this program, participants will undergo a transformative experience in which they change their thoughts about themselves and the people they work with.

Empowering Leaders and Teams for Success

By focusing on these key areas, participants will not only enhance their individual leadership capabilities but also contribute to creating a more inclusive, supportive, and high-performing team environment.

Bias Recognition and Mitigation Skills
An enhanced ability to identify and address both conscious and unconscious bias, fostering a more inclusive recruiting process and workplace environment.
Interpersonal Barrier Breakdown
Enhanced skills in breaking down interpersonal barriers, establishing trust, and fostering a robust and cohesive team culture where collaboration thrives.
Optimized Team Performance
A fundamental understanding of strategies to unlock the full potential of every team member, enabling leaders to cultivate an environment where each individual's strengths are leveraged effectively.
Improved Communication and Collaboration
Equipped with tools and strategies to enhance communication effectiveness, participants will be able to facilitate meaningful conversations, foster understanding, and promote proactive collaboration across the team, leading to increased productivity and synergy.

The Influence of Motivational Intelligence on Individuals and Organizations

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“Thank you again for facilitating the training so effectively. The preparation you did really paid off and of course, your presentation style makes all the difference.  You kept us totally engaged for the entire day and a half. Everyone was truly moved both professionally and personally, and all said they feel better prepared to attain success this year and in the future."

Sean T.

Senior Vice President