About The MQ Executive Diploma

Focusing on the issues and challenges created by disruption and turbulence, the course addresses topics ranging from leading/managing virtual teams to helping employees more readily orient to an ever-changing world.

The Leading with Motivational Intelligence course is the world’s first accredited Executive Diploma specifically designed to help progressive-minded leaders adapt to today’s dynamic business environment.

The Executive Diploma is accredited by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA). Based in the UK, the SQA is a government sanctioned board that certifies the course content and has the world’s highest qualification standards. As such, the Leading with Motivational Intelligence Executive Diploma is internationally recognized by government organizations, universities,and businesses across the globe. Find out more about SQA Advanced Qualifications at: www.sqa.org.uk/advancedqualifications

Focusing on the issues and challenges created by disruption and turbulence, the course addresses topics ranging from leading/managing virtual teams to helping employees more readily orient to an ever-changing world. The course is built upon the best practices, strategic insights and lessons learned over three decades of building leadership universities for Fortune 500 companies. The principles and strategies taught have been successfully implemented in more than 90 countries and on six continents.

Focusing on imparting fundamental skills, tactical best practices and powerful insights on the human side of business, the course provides valuable knowledge to leaders of all levels. Particular emphasis is given to addressing the challenges the new business world is facing leading teams and developing business in turbulent times.

The management portion of the course teaches participants how to define the proper team goals, translate them into actionable strategies/plans and communicate them in a way that encourages buy-in.

The leadership portion of the course focuses on developing people by shifting negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs such that individuals give themselves permission to learn, grow and execute upon the management strategies and plans.Throughout the course, particular emphasis is given to helping leaders raise the level of motivational intelligence and foster a growth mindset within their team. There is an increasing body of evidence that shows a direct correlation between motivational intelligence and human performance particularly in a time of rapid change.

The Leading with Motivational Intelligence Executive Diploma program has been built leveraging Nobel Prize winning research and the latest advancements in cognitive psychology to assure everything necessary for meaningful change is in place. The program has been fully accredited and is internationally recognized for its effectiveness in developing world class people leaders.

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The award-winning Leading with Motivational Intelligence (MQ) program encompasses all aspects of becoming both a world-class strategic manager and inspirational people leader.

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Who is this for? Leaders in organizations who are looking to:

  • Enhance their strategic thinking and elevate their team's performance
  • Quickly adapt their team to changes
  • Effectively mentor every team member
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Gain more buy-in to new goals or strategies
  • Transform their team culture
  • Increase initiative and self-motivation
  • Improve their ability to have influence both within their team and across the organization
  • Create a higher level of employee engagement and innovative thinking

Essential Topics Covered in this Course

  • Leading teams through turbulent times
  • Understanding the different types of human intelligence and how they impact performance (IQ, EQ,)
  • Crafting a team vision/purpose and communicating it in a way that fosters team ownership
  • Defining goals and tying them to the team vision/purpose
  • Understanding how to minimize risks and maximize opportunities
  • Setting proper performance expectations
  • Gaining buy-in and ownership from the team and Individuals
  • Recognizing and rewarding the correct efforts and performance outcomes
  • Utilizing time effectively. Keeping employees focused on the things that matter most
  • Establishing a proper team culture.
  • Fixing a dysfunctional team culture
  • Coaching and mentoring employees
  • Encouraging innovative ideas and new approached to overcoming obstacles and challenges
  • Understanding and overcoming barriers to success
  • Developing accountability and adaptability in a team
  • Helping employees become more positive, open-minded and resilient
  • Creating an environment that engages employees and fosters initiative
  • Breaking through comfort zones, fears, and self-doubts
  • Establishing trust and open communication across the team

Content Customization:
2logical completes an extensive due diligence and customization process of all content to specifically tailor it to your organization and participant needs.

Additional Key Topics Taught for Today's Environment

Leading in a Virtual Environment:

  • Engaging and leading virtual employees
  • Developing and reinforcing the right virtual team culture
  • Fostering collaboration and partnering across a virtual team
  • Shifting the methods and means of communication to adapt to the virtual environment
  • Coaching and mentoring virtual employees

Managing in a Virtual Environment:

  • Creating alignment, buy-in and accountability to performance objectives with virtual employees
  • Establishing and reinforcing the proper expectations within a virtual team
  • Shifting performance management methods for a virtual team
  • Creating proper communication protocols and standards within a virtual team

Integrated into this program we implement winning plans & strategies

  • Development of a plan to dramatically enhance interpersonal communication skills, coupled with powerful insights regarding specifically what to communicate, when to communicate it, how often to communicate it and to whom it should be communicated.
  • Creation of a comprehensive Individual Development Plan that defines the exact steps and strategies to become a more effective manager and leader.
  • Development of a strategy to positively impact the key drivers of an optimal team culture.
  • Crystallize organizational vision/goals/action plans that enable comprehensive ongoing performance management.
  • Development of a plan for a reward and recognition system to foster increased employee engagement, purpose, and loyalty.
  • Development of a strategy to break down internal organizational silos and foster better internal collaboration and partnering.


Modules are virtual instructor-led sessions that incorporate insightful discussions and engaging group conversations designed to shift limiting mindsets, isolate best practices and foster actionable plans/strategies that participants can Immediately apply. Each module contains:

  • A relevant and topical learning objective relating to the best practices of optimal leadership and management.
  • An action planning and implementation component where participants are guided on exactly how to implement the learning discussed
  • A commitment component where participants are held accountable to implementing and practicing the key learnings and strategies discussed.
  • A commitment component where participants are held accountable to implementing and practicing the key learnings and strategies discussed.

We Teach Easy-to-Use MQ Tools for Leaders

After completing the Leading with Motivational Intelligence Program, 2logical offers sustainment options to reinforce the tools and strategies learned.

  • Tools to Drive Responsibility and Ownership of competencies.
  • Insight to create open-mindedness, adaptability and confidence needed to drive reflection, learning, and adoption of best practices.
  • Tools to create persistence and diligence needed to practice and master competencies.
  • Tools to increase initiative and self-motivation across the team.
  • Techniques to mentor/coach team members past their comfort zones and self-limiting fears so that they will embrace the changes and adopt the new skills/strategies.
  • A dedicated plan for what to start doing, stop doing, and continue doing from leadership, management, mentoring and coaching perspectives.
  • Proven strategies to facilitate better communication and collaboration.
  • Insight, techniques, and understanding of how to create a winning team culture.

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The Leading with Motivational Intelligence (Mq) Executive Diploma Program is specifically designed to help participants create the “complete game” of leadership and management. Leveraged by more than 40% of the largest Fortune 500 companies and implemented around the world, the Leading with Motivational Intelligence (Mq) consistently receives a participant buy-in rate in excess of 97%.  However, the most important statistic is:

12 months after completing the course more than 93% of participants continue to use the skills and techniques taught on a daily basis.